Saturday, May 31, 2008

Lillie's Preschool Graduation.

Good Morning, it is Saturday.

Last night was Lillie's graduation from Preschool. The folks at Sunshine Mountain did a great job. The room was covered in the kid's artwork and the chairs in the front of the room were arranged in a semi-circle with each kids name on a chair. The kids were introduced one by one and sat in their chairs. Then there were a bunch of very cute (and very loud) songs sung by the kids, some with fancy props like dog ears or fancy sunglasses. After a bunch of great songs, the kids were then brought up one by one, given a Sunshine Mt. certificate, while the teacher told the audience what the child wanted to be when they grew up (the teachers must have asked the children in advance just for the ceremony). Lillie said she wanted to be a Firefighter when she grows up...last night she did say that she may change her mind. One little boy had announced that he wanted to be a butterfly. It was a great event. I did video the ceremony and maybe I will put some of it on the blog one of these days.

Before the graduation, John and Carol brought us all out to dinner. We went to Carl's Jr. and it was very nice, thanks John and Carol.

During the day I golfed at Fairwood CC. The course was in great shape and I had a few stretches of very good golfing. I always enjoy golfing Fairwood as the course is always in good shape and that is where I played High School golf and worked at one of my first jobs when I would pick up range balls and clean member's golf clubs and such.

See you tomorrow.

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Amber said...

I hope that little boy can become the butterly of his dreams. But I agree that Lillie may change her mind...