Saturday, May 03, 2008

Lillie golf, Preston's off to Easter Wa., Jack and Avery's addoption party.

Good Morning, it is Saturday.

Yesterday was a very busy day...but a good day. It started right after the kids were off to school and Preston called from the bus to ask me to bring his clarinet to school for him because he forgot it was music day. I told him no problem and me and Lillie got ready for the day. I told Lillie that we needed to bring Preston his clarinet and we might stop by Jade Green as it is not too far away so I could get a few new grips for my golf clubs. Lillie totally shocked me by saying that yes she wanted to go to the golf course for a few minutes only if she could hit some range balls! I think she was just excited to carry her own golf bag, ever since Preston went to a regular length bag, Hansen got Preston's old bag, and Lillie got Hansen's old bag...which meant she actually has a golf bag. Lillie enjoyed carrying her bag (but she is a little overly worried that her clubs will just fall out while she is walking) and hitting a few range balls. I did not hit any, but hung out with her. She hit probably 15 balls, then wanted to putt. She really enjoys hitting 2 inch putts into the hole. The one foot putts are not a sure thing for her yet, so she just gets very close to the hole, makes her 2 inch putt, then dances around celebrating while say "Lillie, great putt, but lets not do spins on the putting green." Anyhow, after ten minutes we were back on the road home to get ready for preschool. I also had finish packing for Preston's trip to Eastern Washington for the Math Olympiad...which he left for directly after school. Sadly, as it turned out, Preston was stressing about his clarinet because the office staff forgot to have Preston get his clarinet. He called home a couple of times (never tried my cell phone?) and with just a couple of minutes prior to music class called the office and they were like, Yup, it [the clarinet] is right here, come pick it up. This is not the first time the office staff has forgot to tell my kids that I have delivered them something, but I can't just walk thought the building and deliver the stuff because they don't want that...can be rather frustrating.

Fast forward thought Lillie going to preschool, me going back to the golf course to teach a lesson, picking up Lillie, then back to the school to pick up Hansen and see Preston off. Preston was very excited to get on the road (Tonight around 5:00 pm when they get home we will see how the trip went), then we were on the road back home to pick up Maren and head over to the Ostergard's house for an adoption party for Jack and Avery (Earlier in the day they were at the Court House and now everything is legal). It was a very fun time. Lillie had her cousin Clare to play with, Hansen had his cousin Alex to play with. Cousin Miles tried to play with every one in the room at different times. Jack and Avery are looking very good these days. They are getting bigger and happier. Jack was trying to smile quite a bit, but all he can do is point his upper lip and be happy. He was having fun having Lillie tickle his tummy. There was tons of great food as well.

This morning Maren is teaching a class while me and the littles are hanging out. Later we may try to brave Costco, unless Maren decides to go by herself on the way home from working.

See you tomorrow.

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