Friday, May 23, 2008

Last day of Preschool, no Rock Band.

Good Morning, it is Friday.

Today is Lillie's last day of Friday preschool. Yesterday was her last Tuesday/Thursday class and today's class has a different mix of kids as the Friday class was an option to the Tue/Thur and the Mon/Wed kids. I am helping at the little year end carnival. Should be fun. We have had six years of preschool at three different schools, we have done the co-op (Preston for 2 years, Hansen for 1) preschools and the non co-op preschools (Lillie both years), we even did a preschool at the elementary school (Hansen's second year). Each preschool was perfect for the child at the time, and we have ended our Preschool era on a very good note. Maren may be a little sad for a few minutes not to have any kids in preschool ever again, but like the ending of Evan Almighty, I think tonight it will be time to do "the dance".

Yesterday Preston went from the height of excitement to the bottom of despair (another movie reference...when the Turkey was smelling so good only to be taken by the Bumpus hounds) as his long awaited Rock Band game showed up...only to be missing the software gaming disc and the drumsticks. Yup, we have the drums, guitar, mic and we can't use them as we have no game disc. Today will be spent calling companies trying to get this straightened out. Sadly for Preston karma may have gotten him just a little...his unbearable sense of entitlement of late took a small hit, and now he has to be patient as it will probably be a week before everything is straightened out...the only downfall of saving $$$ by buying online rather than just spending an extra $40.00 at a local store. Don't get me wrong, no one is happy that his game did not ship, but the rest of us are just a little more patient than young Preston these days. We normally buy all our gaming stuff at the local GameStop as we did with the Wii Fit, but their prices for Rock Band were just too steep, many places had good discounts when shopping for the PS2 system rather than one of the newer systems.

Here is "the dance" from the ending of Evan Almighty:

See you tomorrow.

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sussah said...

I'm glad that most of you feel like doing the Dance! That movie really benefitted by low expectations. It was hilarious. Happy Memorial Day, Love, susanna