Thursday, May 29, 2008

Kindergarten round up, Hansen's class play.

Hansen and Anessa.
Hansen and the other Wisemen.
Just Hansen.
Good Morning, it is Thursday.

Yesterday was Kindergarten Roundup for Lillie. Lillie was so excited to go that we ended up there 15 minutes early. I tried to get her to walk slowly and stuff, but not happening. We sat next to her friend Allison. They took the kids and let them do fun projects that also helped the teachers assess how they were in their learning. Games like put your red Fruit Loop in the matching colored triangle. Lillie said she got all the questions correct. She also got to draw a self portrait of herself. When it was time to take it home, it turned out that the teachers kept her original and gave her back a photo copy. Lillie was so freaked out because the photo copy was in black and white. She kept saying "why did they take the color out of my picture?" She did not really understand, and the nice yellow hair she drew did not come through in the photo copy. The round up took a very long time as when talking to the parents everything any educator said to the group had to then be translated into Spanish. I would guess that 1/3rd of the parents in the group benefited from the translating. Maren had been telling me that the number of Spanish speaking families in the are was so high, I just never believed her. The interpreter seemed like she was doing more than just interpreting, at one point the health teacher stopped the interpreter to tell her that she had not talked about what the interpreter was saying just yet...I think the Spanish speakers may have gotten a more in depth information. Go figure. I think this summer I may try to teach the kids some Spanish so they can understand the kids around them a little better.

Last night was Hansen's First/ Second grade musical. The performance was called Three Of A Kind. There were performances from the Three Pigs, Hansen was one of the Three Wisemen, everything was in threes. The background was very cool and all the sun rays and leaves on the trees were actually the number 3's. Hansen did a very good job with his lines as he did have a few solo lines and other lines with his three Wisemen. Lillie and I showed up ten minutes late due to Lillie's dance class, but we did get to see plenty of great stuff. Maren says we missed Hansen's best part, but we did see some good stuff as well. I don't know if Cedar Valley will offer as many great things as Grass Lake does, but as the counselor said when I was talking to her after the round-up, different schools have different strengths. I posted a picture of Hansen above with the three wise men and with his friend Anessa.

Today is a slower day. Only Taekwondo on the books.

See you tomorrow.

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