Wednesday, May 28, 2008

gymnastics, kindergarten round up.

Good Morning, it is Wednesday.

Yesterday during Lillie's speech class I helped out in Hansen's class. It is always math time (when I show up during speech) and Mrs. Behrens always seems to be happy to have me drop in, even though it is only for a short time. The kids were doing fractions and writing numbers in the thousands. I usually hang with a couple of kids (not always the same ones) who are struggling that week or missed a day or something.

Lillie got to go to a make up gymnastics class yesterday. One of her best friends from Preschool was in that class...the teacher got to deal with a couple of very happy energetic 5 year old girls. Lillie will get to be in the make up class again next week, but then just back to her normal schedule. Gymnastics only have a few weeks left for this year. She will take the summer off, and I don't know about next year.

Today is a much anticipated day for Lillie as well. Today is her Kindergarten Round-up. She will get to meet other kids going into Kindergarten as well as the teachers. She will be at the school for about an hour and a half. Should be fun. I am sure Lillie will be sad when school does not start tomorrow, but in three months. The weather is supposed to be nice today (70 and overcast) so I am sure we will walk to school.

This evening will be a very busy one around here. Lillie has dance class, Preston has soccer practice, and Hansen has his class play. Should be a fun, yet busy evening.

See you tomorrow.

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