Thursday, May 15, 2008

golfed, grandparents, family night.

Good Morning, it is Thursday.

Yesterday I had a good day golfing. Won a few dollars from my friends and hit a few good shots here and there. The kids had early release and had a very nice time with John and Carol after school. Arbys and the dollar store were on the schedule for them. Preston pulled off a big no no by inviting one of his friends (Andrew, he is a very nice kid and is no problem, but that is not the point) and putting John and Carol on the spot. I heard that Carol ended up not going to Arbys or the dollar store with the crew because they only have seats for 5 in their car and Preston's friend took one...tsk, tsk. The kids are usually perfectly in line and we have not had to set too many rules for them when they are with John and Carol, but Preston put them on the spot, got his way, and now new rules will be in effect for what you can and can't get away with when with your grandparents.

Maren got to spend a few minutes with Mel and the twins in the middle of the day. She got to hang with Melanie and babies and had a nice time.

In the evening Preston had soccer practice while the rest of us went to Cedar Valley for a family night getting ready for school night designed for preschoolers and kindergartners. First there was pizza, then Maren read the kids a story, then a craft and tons of stuff. There were tons of people and Lillie is very excited to go to school next year.

Today is supposed to get to about 80 degrees, tomorrow about 90 degrees...hard to believe.

See you tomorrow.

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