Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Golf results, Orthodontist, H-puke-fest, Slurpees.

Good Morning, it is Wednesday.

I got the results on Monday's golf tournament. One of my ams, Jay, won his division and our team finished 6th. That means that Jay wins just over $200.00 and the rest of us get just over $50.00. Congrats Jay, and good for the rest of us as well. We were a heavy bunch, but Jay did a good job of carrying us around the golf course.

I picked up the kids early from school yesterday because Preston had an appointment at an orthodontist to see if he would need braces as recommended by our dentist. I had it planned so I would take Lillie to pre-school, then go get the boys from school as they would not be returning, then after the appointment, it would be off to pick up Lillie from school, then home. The plan worked out just right as far as timing went, but there was one little shocker. While in the foyer area between lobbies at the orthodontist office Hansen decided to get sick. Yup, puked all over the place. Then did not stop, just continued to puke all over the place. I brought Preston down the hall and checked him in while Hansen hung out with his puke for a minute. I had to borrow a few dry towels and a few wet towels and a bag. While Preston was doing his appointment, I was cleaning puke in the foyer area. Great Fun! Some of the office workers felt bad for me and Hansen, others just thought we were carrying the plague and scurried away. After cleaning Hansen up, and the floor, we went in and finished Preston's appointment. The supposed hour and a half appointment took all of 23 minutes and the results were that the dr. thought Preston should wait a year then be re-evaluated. I guess he still has a few baby teeth to fall out and things could change for the better or the worse as the new teeth come that is great, we can wait. We did get rushed thought thanks to a Puke fest, so it was all good...we are that office's new favorite new clients!

After leaving the dr. office, Hansen was feeling much better and we had a few extra minutes so I stopped at 7-11 and got the kids a Slurpee. Who knew that they have Guitar Hero Slurpees at 7-11 stores. I did not spend the extra $3.00 and get the cool collector's cup, but I did not stop Preston from getting a big size of the Guitar Hero Full Throttle either. For the next few hours he was just bouncing off the walls...I did not even think that that flavor was the super high caffeine energy drink. So if your tired and want to be the envy of all pre-teen boys, go to 7-11, buy an expensive Guitar Hero collector's cup and fill it with Guitar Hero Full Throttle Slurpee. Caffeine...Yeah baby!

Golf is off for the day as Hansen will be home from school today. No need to have John and Carol come out and get sick since they go visit the twins on a regular basis. The twins came around at the exact right time as John and Carol have come out to our house to watch our kids on a weekly basis (some years it was more like two or three times per week depending on activities and such) for over eleven years. In just a few months all three of our kids will be in school full days and it will be the end of a daycare by Nana and Grandpa era. Trust me, each kid would trade a day of school for a chance to be spoiled by Nana and Grandpa any day...maybe every once in a while. Anyhow, good for Jack and Avery, and Nana and Grandpa too.

Tonight Preston is going to participate in a Hershey's Track Meet. Lillie has dance class. We will be taking it easy today with a getting better Hamster. Hansen was last sick at about 3:00 am this morning, lets hope that is the last time for him.

See you tomorrow.

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