Saturday, May 10, 2008

Dinner at Ostergards.

Good Morning, it is Saturday.

Maren is up and getting ready to go off and teach a class on Early Literacy.

I will be waking up the kids in fifteen minutes to get ready to go to Preston's track meet.

Second night in a row of no one being sick (knock on wood).

Last night we had dinner at the Ostergard's house and got to meet Courtney's cousin Crystal. All the bragging that Court does about Crystal seems to be right on target.

Corey was also at dinner which meant that Lillie lost her mind. Lillie is nutty for Corey and spent the evening jumping on him an stuff.

Time to get ready to go to track. I will try to take a few pictures. Maren has been saying that I need more pictures on my blog...

See you tomorrow.

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