Wednesday, May 14, 2008

dentist, haircuts, band concert.

Good morning, it is Wednesday.

My dentist visit was the best visit ever. I went in to get two fillings replaced. My dentist asked about how sensitive my teeth have been lately and I told him that they have been fine of late. He decided that my fillings did not need to be replaced, rather a few sharp edges that have been clamping into the fillings when I bite down should be filed down just a bit to give them some clearance...and that was it. A 10 minute visit with no drilling. Yahoo.

While Hansen was in Taekwondo we took Preston and Lillie over to Hairmasters for a haircut. I think Preston's hair is still a little too long, but I think Lillie's hair is very nice. Maren on the other hand thinks Preston's hair is very nice, and Lilllie's hair is too short. Lillie wanted her hair even shorter. I told the stylist shoulder length, Lillie said ear length...luckily the stylist listened to me. I think Maren would have liked Lillie to get the kind of haircut that does not actually cut ones hair. Preston's hair is short enough to see his face again, but he still has wings over his ears.

Last night was also Preston's year end band concert. All the groups did a very nice job. Lillie fell asleep, and Hansen was going toward the same goal until the 6th grade orchestra played Star Wars and perked him up just a little. Preston has played the clarinet this year in 5th grade band and I think next year he will move up to the saxophone. I videoed one of Preston's grades songs, maybe I will upload it to my blog if anyone is interested. Preston thought it was funny just to give us a blank stare when the teacher said the kids should give their parent's a hand. He thought that was just so funny...until I told him that when his teacher asked parents to put chairs away and to remember the teachers are the ones grading our children, I figured I would not put away a single chair and just let them give him a B. Nah, I put a way a few chairs anyhow.

Today the rain is scheduled to turn into a heat wave for the weekend. We may see 80 degree weather around our house. Currently it is about mid 40's and raining...hard to believe the upcoming forecast, but I am hoping for the best. Today I am going golfing with my usual group at Elk Run. I have not touched a club for a week and half...hope I can figure this golf thing out. The boys have early release and are happy to be getting home in time to see John and Carol, who will be here with Lillie while I take off and golf.

See you tomorrow.

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sussah said...

Congratulations on the excellent dental visit. That sounds much cheaper too. Love, susanna