Friday, May 02, 2008

Dad's night at Preschool.

Good Morning, it is Friday.

Happy Birthday John.

Yesterday was BUSY. I think I put as many miles on my car as Maren put on hers. With gas prices where they are, I should try not to do that quite as much.

I had a good time helping in Hansen's class room. My main job was to help a struggling student go from a rough draft to a final draft on a small paper about Vultures. I tell you, hanging out with struggling 2nd graders make me feel like a pretty decent speller!

Last night was Dad's Night at Sunshine Mt. Preschool. I went with Lillie and we made a very nice _______ _______to put a _______ in as a present for mom on Mother's day. Yup, dad's night is really about moms. Lillie did the entire project no problem without much help or guidance from me...which is exactly how she wanted it. Some tables were just the opposite with the dad doing all the work without much help or guidance from their preschooler. I also got to sit in a teeny tiny chair at a teeny tiny table and eat an Oreo with a small glass of milk. Afterward I got to hang out with some dads while the real fun happened. The kids got to go play on the play ground. It was very fun, and Sunshine Mt. is a wonderful preschool.

Today Preston will leave directly from school with his math buddies and chaperone to Eastern Washington for the Math Olympiad. Last night he spent his time charging his phone, i-pod, and game boy for the drive over. He should have a great time and he is very pleased that I am not a chaperone/ driver for this event.

Today is Jack and Avery's adoption and adoption party. We will be partying tonight.

See you tomorrow.

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