Monday, May 26, 2008

a couple of nice BBQs

Craig Vaulting the box
Sean vaulting the box and almost killing the camera man.
Preston vaulting the box and catching a football at the same time.
Caleb vaulting the box and catching a football.
Lille trying to vault the box

Good Morning, it is Monday.

Sorry I missed yesterday...seems to be a trend, not blogging on Sunday.

Saturday we had Maren's old Literacy*AmeriCorps co-worker Stefanie (Stefanie, yes I spelled her name correctly...just like Maren's sister spells her name, is following Maren's footsteps through Library School with the same internship at Seattle Public and the same Scholarship through the Edmond's Friends group--nice going Stefanie) and her boyfriend Dan over for a BBQ. I cleaned out the old Weber and it was working like new. Besides the regular burgers and hot dogs, Stefanie made some very yummy ice cream sandwiches out of home made cookies and home made ice-cream. Dan was a lot of fun and he enjoyed riding our Chopper bike, playing catch with the baseball, and watching Preston show off on Guitar Hero. For the first BBQ at our house for the season, we had a very nice time.

Yesterday we had BBQ # 2. This was Tyler's 8th birthday party and a big BBQ at the Goodspeed's house. Mark used this occasion to buy a BBQ right from the pages of Tim Taylor's Home improvement. This thing is BIG and CHROME. The kids enjoyed the grill for the food, but what they really enjoyed was the new Fire Pit. The new fire pit was very cool and made excellent smores. And what was even more fun than the new Grill and the Fire Pit was the ... the ... box the new Grill came in. Yup. Preston started the game by vaulting the box, then we moved the box into the middle of the yard and all the little kids who were only as tall as the box got in line to vault the box...only they would not really clear it, but wipe out into or onto it. Before anyone would go all the little kids would chant the name of the vaulter. For example "Lillie, Lillie , Lillie"...then she would run full speed and try to vault the box, only to high center on the box, then tip onto the ground. Below are some pictures taken with my cell phone (yes, it is back to working after the golfing incident, phew) of some of the box jumpers. You can't plan a game like box jumping, it just happens. Also played was Bocce Ball and Air Hockey. Tyler got a ton of cool gifts and I am sure he had a great birthday Party.
See you tomorrow.

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