Sunday, May 18, 2008

Birthday parties, soccer.

Good morning, it is Sunday.

As you may have noticed, I did not post yesterday...I did not feel like waking up and I chose sleep over blogging. This morning Hansen woke up super early and I was just up.

So what has happened so far this weekend? Friday Lillie had preschool while I taught a golf lesson. In the evening Lillie had a birthday party for a girl in her preschool class at a place called The Bouncy Place. The Bouncy Place was very fun with 4 huge inflatable jumping/climbing systems. The kids jumped for like an hour, then had cake and presents. Lillie had a fun time and left totally exhausted. While Lillie was at the Bouncy Place, the boys and Maren were at home. The boys had plenty of friends to play with and the weather was like 85 degrees.

Yesterday Preston had a jamboree at an Enumclaw Elementary school. The weather was closer to 90 degrees. We all went to the jamboree and Lillie got to play with a friend from preschool who has an older brother on Preston's soccer team as well as hang out and play with Kayla and Jada. Jada was very cute yesterday and chose Hansen as her favorite. Jada who is not yet two years old was hugging Hansen and feed him crackers and stuff. She would not sit on any ones lap but Hansen's. Hansen was very patient with Jada...a side of him we don't always see around our house. Enumclaw was very beautiful being so close to Mt. Rainier and having wonderful houses on huge spreads of land. The problem was the smell. OMG, the stench of Cows and cow farms was inescapable. The folks who live out there must not be able to smell it any longer. Maren is always nice enough to point out (from her science background) that if you can smell something that that something has its particles in your we had Cow Poop in our noses...ugh.

In the afternoon we had a very nice time in Puyallup at cousin Mile's 3rd birthday party. Yup, from Enumclaw to Puyallup, not everyone uses those two names in the same sentence very often, let alone hangs out in both places in the same day! Miles is a very charming 3 year old who looks a ton like Hansen did at that age. Hansen and Lillie had a great time cruising with their same age cousins while Preston played guitar hero and monopolized the couch. I had kind of missed the memo on how Miles loves Thomas the Train and all the characters from the Cars movie. I had chose a little Incredible Hulk guy for instant favorite for his older brother, Hansen and Camden. Go does not take too long to get out of touch with the two to four crowd.

Today Preston has another soccer game, but in the afternoon/evening we don't have any plans, we will probably break out the BBQ for the first time of the year and just hang out at home. Today is going to be in the mid 70's rather than the mid 90's which is great. Yesterday broke all kinds of weather records in our area for being so hot so fast. Today will be more like it.

See you tomorrow.

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