Friday, May 30, 2008

bicycle training, Rock Band, annoying evenings.

Good morning, it is Friday.

Yesterday Lillie and I worked for awhile on her learning to ride a bicycle without training wheels. She is so ready to learn to ride, and she has great balance, and she can ride the bike...she is just scared. I don't know how much farther we will get in the next few days as she has kind of lost confidence in me to hold on to her while she is riding. I tend to let go of her and let her just ride...and she rides just fine until she realizes no one is holding on to her, then she freaks out and lets out bone chilling shrieks. We will keep working on it little by little. I got her to go 4 runs down the gentle back yard slope with out me holding on (her just pushing herself and trying to pick up her feet a little) by offering her a root beer flavored Popsicle. I am sure by the middle of summer she will be cruising around on two wheels.

Yesterday we finally go Rock Band. It had all the parts. The old one was obviously opened somewhere along the line and the game and drumstick (which are sitting right on top in a little indentation) were taken. Who knows if it was at the company or in transit, but looking at the new box an its packing, it is clear some foul play may have happened. Anyhow, we have the game and I had it set up when the kids got home from school. Last night Preston was on the guitar, I was doing drums, and Maren was was fun. Hansen is also very good at the singing and getting good on the guitar. Lillie loves to sing, but since she can't read, she just holds the mic and sings whatever she feels like singing. Rock Band is a very fun game. If only the game parts were not so big. There is really no putting the thing away.

This paragraph is about how loud and annoying our house is in the evenings. OK, so we call all the kids in at 8:00pm if they are not in already. Last night Hansen was still out at 8:00pm playing with Kole, and the others came in 15 minutes earlier. We try to watch an agreeable kid show from 8:00 to 8:30 (we are talking school nights) then brush teeth, have time to read, then go to bed. Well, we can never agree on an agreeable kid show, so Preston goes to the kitchen to watch on the little TV. Just to be extra annoying, Preston gets out his clarinet and practices it loudly and sometimes off key during the commercials on his you think that lines up with the show in the living Hansen begs and whines for more food. You see, he did not eat his dinner (he hardly ever does) and then is starving at bed time. Some times if he actually did eat some of his dinner, I will give him bread roll or let him get his own slice of bread, and a glass of milk. Other times if he did not eat any dinner (usually I will let him know that if he does not try the food we are having, then he will get no food in the evening) then he can have a glass of milk with his vitamin and just be starving to death until he is eligible for breakfast in the morning. Ok, so Preston is watching his own show (some bad teen show like Zoe 101 or something) and playing the clarinet, Hansen is begging for food and not being pleasant about it...where is Lillie you ask? She is usually being good with one exception...she like to invade Hansen "spot" on the couch just to make him mad...and it always works. All she has to do is let the hem of her dress up dress touch his spot and he goes nutty, so she is constantly putting a foot in his spot or her finger or her dress or something. She is able to get her jabs in just fine. Then we finally settle down, get Preston to stop playing the clarinet, turn of the TVs, get ready to read a book or two when somehow Lillie and Hansen are always able to get the party started all over again with a perfectly aimed fart or two. And that is where the story ends, you can figure the fart warfare on your is hard to get the littles to bed when they are rolling on the ground laughing.

Tonight is Lillie's Preschool Graduation party at school. It should be very fun, I need to charge the video camera.

See you tomorrow.

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