Thursday, April 03, 2008

Worked on the floor in the boy's room. Toothbrush trauma.

Good Morning, it is Thursday.

Yesterday John and Carol came over at 10:00am. Carol took Lillie out to Ikea to buy her a nice furry rug for in front of her bed and to take her out to lunch. John and I stayed behind and worked on the floor in the boy's room. We pretty much worked non stop from 10:00am to about 4:00 pm and we got about half way done. In similar style to Lillie's room, we cleared about three quarters of the room, removed the carpet, pad, molding, tack boards, and staples, then started to put down the new floor. Right now the room looks kind of cool, the bed and shelve are on carpet, there is a gap of unfinished flooring in the very middle of the room, then the rest if finished with the new floor. A few hours of work today will put me to where we will be ready to move the bed, Lego shelving, and other stuff, to the other side of the room, finish removing the carpet and all the old flooring stuff, and continue the flooring process. It does add an extra element of pain in the butt to have stuff in the room, but it really is the only way to do it and still live in the house. I figure I will have the boy's room done by the end of the weekend, then it will take a long time to do the mine and Maren's room.

Last night while the littles were playing upstairs, Lillie decided to get out my rubber mallet and try to put in another floor board. She did not cause any damage or anything, one board was kind of knocked loose, she said she was just trying to help install the new floor. Thanks Lillie!

A couple of weeks ago we went to the dentist, me and the kids (the dentist keeps calling to have Maren reschedule her appointment) and we all got new toothbrushes. The other day I was passing out toothbrushes and I gave the wrong toothbrush to Preston and Hansen, just switched them up by accident. I figured this out when I went to help Hansen finish up. Hansen coughed and gaged when he realized he had Preston' tooth brush in their mouth. That was nothing, the moment Preston figured it out, he flew to the sink, coughed and spit every last ounce of anything out of his mouth, started to gag, and nearly puked his guts out...I almost thought the kid was going to melt or something! Maren and I were trying not to laugh too hard, but I ended up nearly crying I was laughing so hard. The next morning the kids refused to ever use their toothbrushes ever again, so Maren had to get them new toothbrushes from the stockpile. The whole episode was so amusing, I may have to switch up the toothbrushes on purpose every once in a while.

Today is going to be a busy day. Lillie has her friend Lily coming over to play in the morning, then off to preschool. After preschool we will be going to pick the boys up from school because Preston has math club. Hansen and Lillie will just play at the school park for the hour of math club since the weather is nice. Then home and off to Taekwondo. I may try to work on the room some during preschool, but I also need to run a few errands and change the oil in my minivan.

See you tomorrow.

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