Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Track meet, errands.

Good Morning, it is Tuesday.

Yesterday Preston had his best track meet to date. He won the long jump with a jump of 13 feet 3 inches. That is almost a foot longer than his previous personal best and better than any 6th grader has jumped this year. Preston also finished 2nd in the 75 yard dash and his relay team finished 1st. Way to go Preston! What was nearly as amazing to me was the weather. When I was driving to pick up the kids at GL (all of mine plus 3...yeah, crazy car ride) it was raining, snowing and hailing. The skies were black and it just looked horrible. Even the kids were wondering if they would cancel the meet. As we drove toward Kent for the track meet the snow started to stop and as we kept driving the skies got clear. The weather for the track meet was cold, but it was dry and sunny. Amazing.

Shannon would be happy to know that last night I used the Automated Postage Thing for mailing packages after hours. It is very cool. I had taken Preston out to get a smoothie, ship a package, check on his Guitar Hero Game, and put gas in Maren's car. We were only successful on mailing the package and getting gas for Maren's car (it is much more fun to put gas in her car than in mine-9 gallons and it is full, as apposed to 15 gallons in my car-yup, they go the same distance on a fill up). We found out that the Smoothie cards Preston won are for the Renton store, how frustrating, but it will work out to get him his smoothie after Soccer games as the games are at Starfire in Renton. And his Wii system scratched his Guitar Hero game and it looks like the store can not polish out the scratch as it is too deep. It is very frustrating that these gaming systems can actually scratch the game disk...they think that maybe the system got moved or something with the game inside, but still, you would think the game would be the safest inside the system.

Today Hansen will be presented with his Purple Belt in Taekwondo. Lillie has school and Maren works as always. I am going to wake up Preston early right now as he has math club before school.

See you tomorrow.

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