Friday, April 11, 2008

Study, Preston and Alec, Shannon.

Good morning, it is Thursday.

Yesterday we went up to Children's Hospital to pickup Hansen's research stuff. As it turns out they want me to do the study as well, I just don't have to wear a belt. Lillie was in the room when the nurse did the height, weight, and waist measurements. She [Lillie] told me that I really should have shaved my belly...whatever! The research person was telling Hansen all about the $25.00 for the study would be his to spend however he wanted. They really should check with the parents before just gifting the money to the kids, but it is all good.

Yesterday we picked up Alec and he and Preston also came along to pick up the research stuff. Preston and Alec had in i-pod ear buds (they have a splitter so they can both listen to the same thing) and were playing a Nintendo game-boy. The ear buds made it so they cold not tell how loud they were talking. They did a good job most of the time, but every now and again Preston would let out a louder than necessary "Darn!" They were also taking turns solving a Rubiks Cube and amazing the nurses and stuff. I dropped Alec and Preston off at John and Carol's house for an overnight. I think the boys were excited about eating at the Panda Express. There is no cable TV or video games at John and Carol's house...I will be curious to see how the days have gone. I am sure they will have fun.

Last night I started ripping wall paper off of our bedroom walls. It is not coming off very easily. This will be a long job by the time the wall paper is gone, the room is painted, and the new floor is installed...what were we thinking!

Tonight Hansen has Taekwondo Sparring. We also have Maren's old work friend Shannon coming out to spend the night and hang out. We will put her to work removing wall free dinner around here, she is earning every bite of her Papa Murphy's Pizza!

See you tomorrow.

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