Saturday, April 05, 2008

Spring Break, Costco

Good Morning, it is Saturday.

Spring Break is officially on. The kids do not got back to school until the 14th. We still have Taekwondo and Soccer, but everything else is on hold. The kids already think they should be able to stay up all night and RULE THE WORLD. Too bad for them, the family still has to function. Just no school...that should be good enough don't you think?

Last night we went to Costco for pizza and shopping. We did the standard routine where I take the kids, order a whole pizza and a bunch of pop while Maren shops. Worked out just fine. I even sent Preston up to buy some ice cream for the rest of us. Hansen really wanted a forth slice of pizza, but we had to stop him (and Preston) at three slices or Maren would not have gotten her share.

Today is back to working on flooring some, having Maren's co-worker Mr. Jim visit, and go to Maren's cousin Annie's birthday party for a while. Should be nice and busy.

See you tomorrow.

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