Monday, April 21, 2008

Silent Auction, lost tooth.

Good Morning, it is Monday.

Amber has updated her blog with tons of pictures of her newest family member. Amber, Chuck and Aurora all look very good, they all look very happy. Nice pics!

Last night we went to the church silent auction to support youth ministries. I had donated a golf lesson at a $35.00 value. It sold for $50.00, how cool is that? Preston won a package of coupons for Emerald Smoothies, the kid loves smoothies. Hansen got outbid on everything and spent the night trying to borrow from future allowances. Lucky for him he got outbid on everything and still has his $$$. Hansen was not the only 8 year old with tears in his eyes, we should have known better than to bring kids to the auction as most things sell for at or more than their value at this auction. We lost on coffee stuff, toy stuff, lots of stuff. But overall we did have fun, and the $$$ went to a good cause.

At the auction Lillie pulled out her 3rd tooth! Yup, pulled it right out, with Preston's encouragement. Lillie showed off her bloody mouth to the folks sharing the table with us. We were able to find a huge zip lock bag to bring the tooth home in. The tooth fairy did show up...around 6:00am this morning if I am correct. I am sure Lillie will be thrilled.

Preston had his first soccer game with his new team. The new team had their first game against a powerhouse of a team and got kind of clobbered. Overall Preston played well. He had a really cool header save when he was defense. The ball was heading toward the goal and Preston went flying through and headed the ball out of trouble. When he was forward, they never really gave him any chances. I am sure the team will do better in the future. The Starfire soccer complex is very cool.

Today is school, gymnastics, soccer and who knows what else.

See you tomorrow.

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