Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Shopping, pull-ups.

Good Morning, it it Tuesday,

Yes, we did spend the morning shopping yesterday. First stop Target. Lillie found a very fancy Polly Pockets type Princess set. Hansen found the Indiana Jones Lego set he had been tracking in his Lego Catalog. Preston did not like the selection at Target so we had to swing by Walmart on the way home. Before leaving Target we spent 20 minutes at the Starbucks/Pizza Hut food court. Hansen used his gift card and bought himself a Mocha Frappichino. Preston and Lillie each got a Slurpee. Hansen will forever think that a Target store with a Starbucks inside is more than just a place to shop...but rather a vacation destination. Hansen kept geeking out about how cool it was to be in Target and in Starbucks at the same time! Who said you can't vacation in Kent?

At Walmart Preston found the guitar stand he was looking for (the new flooring is just too slick to lean the guitar up against the wall), as well as the pull up bar he had been wanting for a long time. While we were at Walmart we ran into Preston's buddy Alec and his brother and sister and Dad. They were stocking up on candy before heading to the movies. Apparently Alec did not really want to see the movie and the boys figured Alec could just come home with us. That was fine with me and his dad, so we left Walmart with an extra kid. Preston and Alec pretty much spent the few hours playing Super Smash Brothers Brawl, occasionally letting Hansen and Lillie join them. They also enjoy looking up cheats to find glitches in their Zelda games. It just cracks me up because people will find these glitches where Zelda has a rock for armor or Zelda goes out of bounds in a certain spot and just keeps going, video tape the game they are playing, put it to Elmo music or something totally ridiculous, and post it on YouTube. Then kids like Preston and Alec watch these videos and just crack up. I think all I did at that age was ride my bike around looking for crazy jumps.

Back to the pull up bar. It is installed between the laundry room and the dining room. It is about 6 feet off the ground so if any tall folks come over, watch your head. Preston can do like 10 pull-ups. His thing is that every time he goes through the doorway he will do two pull-ups. Hansen can't quite get one pull-up yet. He just needs to grow a little more. But this does not stop Preston from taunting him. Preston has told Hansen that if he can do just one pull-up, he will give him $3.00. Three bucks from Preston is plenty to motivate Hansen, so he has spent far too much time trying to do a pull-up. He will get his pull-up in soon, collect his $3.00, and in five years be bigger and stronger than Preston and be able to put Preston in his place if he ever wants to.

Today Hansen has Taekwondo, otherwise we will probably just spend the day at home doing a lot of nothing.

See you tomorrow.


Amber said...

When I first read the title, I thought you mean pull-ups the diapers!

Julian's Blog said...

Ha Ha Amber, I can tell you have babies on your brain. We did do about 10 years straight of diapers in this house, but that all ended about 2 years ago for us! Phew!