Friday, April 04, 2008

running errands.

Good Morning, it is Friday.

Yesterday went very smoothly. Lillie's friend Lily came over and the two played very well together. I got a few rows of flooring done while they played. I am to the place where I now need to move everything to the other side of the room, and continue. I probably will not do much more work until the weekend.

Yesterday while Lillie was in preschool, I picked up Lillie's 5 year pictures (they turned out very well), bought Preston a pair of goalie gloves (he is the back up goalie on his team, he prefers forward, but he may be a better goalie, he seems to understand the game enough to know when to be quick or to kick it deep to get a play going), filled out paperwork for Lillie to attend Grass Lake elementary next school year, and changed the oil in my van. I was going to wash my car as well, but I got sidetracked in GI Joes looking at motorcycles. They now have generic street motorcycles for $1500.00 that compete with the Honda Rebel 250 which sells for about $3000.00. I don't think I will be buying a motorcycle anytime soon, or anytime period, but it was fun to look for a few minutes.

After picking up Lillie we went to pick up Hansen and Preston. Preston stayed an hour late due to Math Club. They are adding an extra practice to get ready for the big competition in a month. The team will be traveling east of the mountains, staying in a hotel, and having a great time...with out parents. Some parents will be with them, but not me! While Preston was in club, Hansen and Lillie played with friends on the playground. Lillie has no problem keeping up with bigger kids on the playground. Only one time did I have to save her off the monkey bars, and that was because a 3rd grader got on the bars just after her and freaked her out a little.

Tonight we may take a family trip to Costco for dinner and supplies.

See you tomorrow.

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