Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Purple belt, haircut, Guitar Hero.

Good Morning, it is Wednesday.

Yesterday was a nice smooth day for the most part. Preston's ride to Math Club never showed up so he got to spend the morning with us chickens. He would have sat around and played Guitar Hero if it worked! We did fix that problem later in the afternoon.

After school the kids played in the non rain for a little bit then it was time to get Hansen ready for Taekwondo. Maren wanted to get her hair cut and Preston needed to replace Guitar Hero so we all packed in the van and took the short trip to down town Covington. We all watched Hansen be presented with his new Purple Belt in Taekwondo, then Maren took Lillie over to HairMasters to get a haircut. I am sure Lillie enjoyed every minute of watching Maren get her haircut...the only problem is that Lillie thought she should be able to get a haircut as well. At the same time I took Preston over to GameStop and they did have a used Guitar Hero without the Guitar for a very reasonable price. We picked that up then I took Preston home (all the way back to the suburbs of Covington) so he could hang out and play Guitar Hero. I then drove all the way back to down town Covington (I am trying to make the one and a half mile trip sound dramatic) to pick up Maren, Lillie and Hansen. Maren's hair looks very nice, Hansen's Purple belt is very cool, Preston is geeking out that Guitar Hero works again, and Lillie and I were just chopped liver...but that will all be fixed today when Nana and Grandpa spoil Lillie and I get to go golfing, today will be our day!

Tonight Preston has Soccer practice and Lillie has dance class.

See you tomorrow.

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