Saturday, April 12, 2008

Preston is back, Hansen's bike ride.

Good Morning, it is Saturday.

Yesterday was a stay at home day for us. Preston and Alec got back from their overnight at John and Carol's around dinner time. Shannon came to visit around dinner time. We had a few large pizzas which worked out just fine. Sounds like Preston and Alec had a very good time, and John and Carol are not too exhausted.

Hansen and I took a quick bicycle ride around the neighborhood in the early afternoon. We were going to ride up to the school park. There were a couple of police officers talking to the neighbor who lives on the path to the school so Hansen was too scared to go by them. I told him it was fine and I led the way...I just rode slowly by the officers and said "hi". One officer said "looks like you lost one.", I turned around and Hansen was too scared to follow me. I had to turn back and we had to alter our ride just because he was too scared to ride next to a police officer. I guess he may be a UW Husky rather than a WSU Cougar after all.

Shannon stayed with us all evening and spent the night. She is still sleeping as are the kids. I have already let out our neighbor's dog, and fed our other neighbor's cat. We did work Shannon for a few hours in the task of wall paper remover. We are making decent ground on the project, but there are many hours left to work. I hear Lillie right now. Yup, she has just come down stairs and is jumping on Shannon as I type. How is that for a good morning?

Shannon was cracking up about Lillie. Lillie is so obviously a little sister to two big brothers. How else do you find a little princess girl, in princess clothes, with dirty bandaged knees from playing games in the grass with the big kids, and sentences like "Hansen, your such a turd nugget" flowing from her lips? I plead the 5th.

See you tomorrow.

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