Thursday, April 10, 2008

nice day, Hansen's study, wall paper.

Good Morning, it is Thursday.

Yesterday turned out to be a nice day. It never rained least while I was golfing. This is the time of year that all the golf courses are areifying their greens. I had put so much stuff in the back two rows of my van to give away to the Goodwill (remember we put new floors in the kid's rooms...Maren did a pretty good weeding of stuff) that I did not bring my push cart. I carried my bag the first 9, then put it on a cart the second 9. Played much better without it on my shoulders. For the next four days, the tv will be stuck to the Golf Channel...Masters Week. Actually I have enjoyed watching highlights of older Masters Tournaments even more than I will enjoy watching the actual tournament.

Yesterday the kids decided to do a few more races. I only mention it here because we had some amazing time anomalies. On the middle length lap, Hansen timed 18.92 seconds two times in a the hundredth of a second. And if that is not crazy enough, Preston on the short sprint timed 3.82 seconds two times in a the hundredth of a second. I know this happened because I was working the stop watch, and other kids ran in between so I know I did the timer correctly.

Today we are going up to Children's Hospital because Hansen is taking part in a research study called the Neighborhood Impact on Kids Project. Basically Hansen will wear an activity monitor for one week, they will measure him and check his diet. Then in 2 years, they will do it again. They are doing research on how local neighborhoods can affect the health and growth of children. Hansen is very excited to get to be part of research.

I may try to get started on the flooring project in the master bedroom. We have decided that we will also remove all the old original wall paper and paint the room at the same time...first actually. This will turn a tough enough project into a crazy one, but better to do it all at one time. The wall paper is a green/white vertical line configuration that was put in by the previous owners. We will have to do some checking on colors and their names before deciding what color to paint. The wall paper will unfortunately not come off easily as was glued on very well...lots of water and ripping and sanding and stuff. Yuck.

See you tomorrow.

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