Saturday, April 19, 2008

more Snow, stuff.

Good Morning, it is Saturday.

Down in Austin Texas, Princess Aurora is entering her second day...again, congrats Amber and Chuck. Amber probably won't like me calling Aurora "Princess Aurora" as she did not want her baby room pink and everything pink. But she is my little sister, and she named her baby girl the same name as Disney Princess who is famous for her pink dress and golden tiara. Besides, being the older brother, it is my duty to provide a little ribbing. We will make sure Aurora always has pink princess stuff from Covington.

Yesterday was a smooth day around here. Except for the snow! When I was teaching a golf lesson (in Auburn) around 1:00pm it started to snow and sleet so hard that we had to end the lesson early. What was crazy is that just four miles away in Kent, it did not snow or sleet or even rain.

Yesterday Lillie challenged me to a game of UNO Attack. She is a pretty mean uno player. She beat me two out of three games. I actually was winning the first two games quite easily, but just as I was about to run out of cards, she would play a "switch cards with another player" card. Who ever heard of a "switch cards with another player card"? I did have to give her pointers here and there, but I never had to just gift her the win...which is kind of against my grain. Let kids win? You got to be joking! Ok, sometime, but rarely. Sometimes at the golf course (I don't go very often with the boys, but when I do someone always says the same thing) some one asks the boys, "how long till you can beat your dad?, Preston just smiles and acts like it will be like tomorrow, duh!...That is when I chime in and say, uh NEVER! That usually gets Preston to practice just a little harder for a few minutes.

After school the plan was to pick up Preston and his friend David to take them to David's house for an overnight. Normally I would not have volunteered to pick them up from school, but Hansen still is not so calm about riding the bus without his brother...I guess he figures he would get on the wrong bus and never make it home. Anyhow, the lines of communication somewhere go lost and David took the bus home to his house while I was left with just my kids, and to take Preston to David's house. This is no big deal, except that David's commute is only 5 minutes by car, but 25 minutes by school bus, meaning we got to David's house 20 minutes before he did. How silly. I guess David's mom thought the boys would both get on David's bus. Anyhow, it all worked out fine, we just hung out with David's mom for a little bit.

Without Preston, we went out to dinner. Maren has a Passport card and dinners at certain restaurants are quite reasonable. On the way home it was really snowing and sticking in parts of Covington, we really had to drive slowly and safely. Don't really expect that it will be snowing and sticking on April 18th.

Today is Hansen's Belt Test in Taekwondo. He is testing to be a Purple Belt. Today is also the birthday party for both John and Stef...we will be celebrating later this evening.

See you tomorrow.


baby boy said...

Aurora is a great name not because the Disney princess.

Amber said...

Hey, in the movie she wears a blue or grey dress far more often than a pink dress!

Anyway, the irony of it is not lost on me, to be against the Disney princess franchise and name my daughter the same as one... however, I did pick out the name before I knew it was Sleeping Beauty's name. I didn't follow the Disney princesses as a child :P But I do hope she likes it as she's growing up!