Wednesday, April 16, 2008

M sick, e-bay golf clubs.

Good Morning, it is Wednesday.

Yesterday was just a smooth day for most of us. Maren has not been feeling well and can use any sympathy she can get...which from our motley crew, is not very much. So instead she just plugs away. Poor Maren.

Lillie was very happy to be back at school yesterday. She is not much for breaks as she would rather be hanging with her friends at school than doing nothing. But she does enjoy a good Princess game on the Wii.

I was just cleaning Maren's glasses for her this morning when I went to pull out a clean dish rag to dry them with. Instead I pulled out a pillow case. Maren was like "who put a pillow case in with the dish rags?" I said, "who do you think sorted the laundry yesterday?" She answered, "Lillie?". My answer..."No, but I tried to get Lillie to do the laundry, it was me."

My latest e-bay purchase should arrive in a week or so. I bought a set of 1987 Wilson Staff fluid irons. 2-SW. Just like the ones I bought brand new back in 1987, then like a dummy traded for a set of Pings a year later (who knew I would hate ping irons, and still do...except for the putters which I have used for years). Anyhow, they look to be in good shape, and were only $60.00 for the set. I don't know for sure if I will use them or not. I hope so, but if not, I will enjoy having them in my collection. My only hole-in-one back in 1987 was with that set, actually the 4-iron. I need to weed through my vast collection of old golf clubs one of these days before it takes over the garage. Maren thinks I am goofy for enjoying shopping for cheap clubs from yesteryear, but in the end she does not really mind because then she gets to spend the same amount of $$$ on deals of the day at QVC. Philosophy make-up deals on QVC are her weakness.

Today is soccer and dance. I will go golfing, hopefully it is not raining too much today.

See you tomorrow.

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