Monday, April 28, 2008

I am better, Maren's turn to be sick, boys had a good day at home.

Good Morning, it is Monday.

Yesterday was a very crummy day for me and Lillie. I feel much better this morning, not perfect, but nothing a lot of Advil can't fix. Lillie is still a bit out of it. Now Maren is full on sick with what me and Lillie had. The boys (knock wood) have escaped the sickness. The only fun thing about being so sick for the last couple of days is that I lost so much weight. I went from my usual 10 lbs. too heavy @ 180 lbs. down to a svelte 173 lbs. Maren was cracking up because every couple of hours I would hobble over to the scale to see how much more weight I lost.

The boys had a very fun day yesterday. The weather was very nice for the bulk of the day and most of the neighborhood was home. They played plenty of crazy games from ones with skateboard, to bicycles, to light sabers, to war games with 4 square balls, to totally ruining Maren's nice flowers, and so on. Every once in a while I would have to get the kids out of the yard because the war balls were wiping out the flowers and crashing into the house. One time I went out to tell the kids to go play in the street (I love telling the kids to go play in the sounds so backwards of everything you should instruct your kids to do, but it works in our culd-e-sac). Maren also took the boys out early to pick up our pre-order of Mario Cart for the Wii that came out yesterday. The boys did in fact find some time to play the new video game as well. It does look very cool, it has cool little steering wheels that hold the Wii remotes. Maren is now saving her extra pennies for the release of Wii Fit in a few weeks...I may go put in a pre-order for Wii Fit in a few days.

Today Preston has a track meet (we are hoping that the rain stops by 4:15pm, it is just pouring rain right now). Hansen has a piano lesson. Lillie has gymnastics, but she will be missing that today for being sick. I will try to schedule a make up class for her later in the week. Maren is up in bed as she called in sick to work.

See you tomorrow.

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Amber said...

Oh how I do not look forward to family sicknesses like this one.