Thursday, April 17, 2008

good golfing, HC appeal.

Good Morning, it is Thursday.

Yesterday I had one of the best rounds of golf in my life. I was just out golfing with some friends and I had a streak of 5 birdies in a row. I think I may have had 3 birdies in a row a few times, but never 5. I played well the rest of the day and carded a 67. That was a ton of fun. If only I could do that on tournament days. Maybe someday.

John and Carol came out and took Lillie out on the town. Sounds like they had fun visiting baby Maggie and hitting McDonald's. American Idol happy meal toys! I don't think this little toy beat boxing dude is Simon. Carol also made a very good chicken noodle casserole for dinner, yum.

I think I may take a trip to the transfer station today. The removal of wallpaper and painting our room before doing the floors has very much slowed down the room process, and I don't feel the need to speed it up by skipping golfing or helping in Hansen's class, or anything. So I am going to clean out the garage and get it back to normal, then get to the flooring when I get there.

Hansen missed getting into the Highly Capable program through the Kent School District by only one percentage point...his scores put him in the top 96 percent of all second graders nation wide, but he need a 97 percent. After the first day of test taking he came home and told me that he left a few answers wrong because he was scarred to erase and change answers because he thought it would mess up the computer grading as he did not think he could erase completely enough. I am going to appeal and try to get him in the program, but from everyone I have talked to, it seems to be a very long shot. I just figure why not, I expect them to turn him down, but you never know.

See you tomorrow.

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