Thursday, April 24, 2008

golf, chicken, Hansen gets muddy.

Good Morning, it is Thursday.

Yesterday the weather turned out very nice for my round of golf. I had another good streak of birdies. This time I had 4 in a row, with another couple along the line. In my last two rounds of golf I have birdied 8 of the holes on the Front 9 at Elk Run, and a few holes on the back. I don't think I will stop using this 30 year old Ping Zing putter I bought off of e-bay for $16.00 any time soon.

John and Carol came out and took Lillie out to lunch and out shopping. They found a different Burger King which was more to their liking. The one in Kent is a little cleaner and nicer than the one in Covington. For some reason Lillie always chooses Burger King these days. I think she is turning anti McDonalds thanks to Preston, but not anti fast food, Burger King is da bomb. I actually like McDonalds just fine and am not anti fast food, I am more of an everything in moderation type. At the end of this link I am attaching my favorite McDonald's TV commercial found YouTube. The McDonalds Cha Cha Slide. Lillie likes to do the cha cha slide with her fries just like the kid in the commercial.

John and I worked on removing wall paper for an hour after I returned from golfing. We are removing wall paper hour by hour and some day it will be gone...that day was not yesterday, and won't be tomorrow either. Carol also made a very nice dinner for the family. We had big noodles with Pesto, and some Chicken. It is funny because Lillie loved her Chicken Tenders earlier in the day at Burger King, but would not touch the Chicken Nana made (which was great), because the Chicken Nana made was once a living Chicken! Lillie does not draw the same conclusion about Chicken Tenders.

Yesterday evening after Preston and Lillie were home from their activities, all the neighborhood kids were playing out side and having a fun time. Some how Hansen slid and fell down in a huge mud puddle left from workers cleaning up the neighbor's driveway after working with a truck load of dirt for a back yard remodel. You should have heard Hansen's trauma. Every article of his clothing was muddy, right down to (and through) his underwear. He was yelling from upstairs that he could not even get all the dirt off his butt! It must have taken him 10 minutes just to get out of his mud covered clothes and into clean clothes. Somehow he did end up back outside for a few minutes before being called in for the night.

Today Lillie has Preschool, Preston has Math Club after school, and Hansen has Taekwondo.

See you tomorrow.


Amber said...

Ahhh, Lillie is a budding vegetarian ;) Watch out!

I'm not sure those chicken tenders are real chicken either, but that doesn't make me feel better about eating them!!! Hehe.

sussah said...

that kid in the commercial is hilarious! susanna