Sunday, April 20, 2008

Fruity Pillows, Belt Test, Party.

Good Morning, it is Sunday.

Yesterday I was getting the kids breakfast and asking what they wanted. I was reading off the names of the cereal boxes on top of the refrigerator for the kids to eat. Lillie requested Fruity Pillows. I was like "Fruity Pillows, do you mean Fruity Pebbles?" Lillie then went into this whole elaborate story about how if you are dreaming about eating Fruity Pebbles while you are sleeping, but then you eat your pillow, then when you wake up you have no more pillow, but you did eat Fruity Pillows...and it was very tasty. Anyhow, this does not show how funny her story was, I can only say that she had Hansen rolling on the ground laughing.

Hansen did a great job at his Taekwondo Belt Test. He was the only student in his test to choose and break a very thick piece of wood. A couple of others tried, but had to go back to the standard thinner board. Hansen did a very powerful back kick and just destroyed the board. It make a huge noise and even Master Kim told Hansen that that was a great kick. Tuesday at class Hansen will be presented with his Purple belt.

We had a very nice time at Stef and John's birthday party. It was great to have the cousins there. Lillie and Kyra were just two peas in a pod. Hansen and Tyler played great together. Preston even got into the action a little with games of uno and computer stuff. Camden and Maggie were there as were the twins. Maren and baby Jack bonded over hours of snuggling and a very poop filled diaper. Avery was her super mellow self. Lillie, Kyra and Camden thought a very fun game was to put baby Maggie in the swing, then let her little feet bonk them in the head on the swing forward. Maggie thought that was great as well. Anyhow, there was tons of fun to be had, and tons of very good food.

Today is Preston's first soccer game of the new season, and we have the Silent Auction at Church to benefit youth programs.

See you Tomorrow.

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