Monday, April 07, 2008

First day of spring break.

Good Morning, it is Monday.

Maren is off to work while the rest of us are on Spring the cold and the rain. I don't think the kids will spend any time outside at all today, I take that back, I am sure the kids will all be outside for an hour or so after lunch when all the parents in the neighborhood collectively figure the kids have had enough Nintendo. Preston got a new pair of goalie gloves, so now all he wants to do is to have people kick soccer balls at him so he can try out the gloves. He was trying to get me to go out at 9:00 pm, in the pouring rain, under the street light and kick the soccer ball at him. Yup, I just told him to get ready for bed and we would do it today. I am trying to figure how late I should let the kids sleep in...I would not mind just letting them sleep until they wake up by themselves, except for then they think they should be able to stay up until they fall asleep by themselves.

Saturday evening Preston and I were in charge of feeding the neighbor's dog as they had their baby. These are the neighbors who had the same due date as Amber...and their baby is already here. At least I am assuming so, we were instructed to feed the dog (I almost forgot about the letting the dog out side...I am too used to cats who don't need to go outside thanks to litter boxes) until the red car got home, the red car did get home the next morning followed by other cars visiting over the days, so we have not actually gone back over to snoop around. We may go check things out later today.

Today may end up being a day spent spending allowance. Allowance day was on Saturday, I told them [kids] we could go shopping after Hansen practices Piano. We may actually think of actual activities to do later in the week like go to the Aquarium or the Zoo, but today will be the stores.

See you tomorrow.

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