Wednesday, April 09, 2008

The day, dinner, Jason Castro

Good Morning, it is Wednesday.

Yesterday was a day of ups and downs around here. The kids would play well together for about one hour blocks, then things would fall apart and they would be put in their own corners. Then we would repeat the process. First was video games, they played nice, then got tired and had to be stopped. Next was outside. They were playing nice, then pine cone wars started up and Hansen took one to the forehead and Lillie in the mouth. Then back to their rooms. At one point I got so tired of them being inside and they were just whining about going out side that I made them just hang out outside...Preston out of boredom finally got out the stop watch and conducted some races around the culdesac. I could do the loop in 21 seconds, Preston was next at 22 seconds, Hansen came in at 27 seconds, and Lillie looked like she was just flying, but due to short cuts and long cuts and zig zagging all over the course, I think her best time was around 45 seconds.

Last night we went out to Applebees for dinner. We had $20.00 from watching Andrea's cat a few weeks ago and rather than just splitting the money, we took the family out to dinner. Of course with our group, we have to add another $35.00 to go anywhere nicer than Burger King, but once in a while, it is worth it. Preston is now eating off the adult menus and that is hardly enough food for the kid. Hansen and Lillie are still good with the kid menu, but a side order of fries is in order. We did have a nice dinner, and I am still full.

In the evening the kids were watching Ghost Busters 2 on on demand. I love on demand. Don't know how I lived with out it. Well, probably better than I do now, but I still love it. Maren was watching American Idol on the little TV. I went into the kitchen at one point and she was borderline weepy, so I was like what is up? Turns out my least favorite contestant, Jason Castro (I think he looks like he is missing his centaur body) had just finished an amazing rendition of Somewhere Over The Rainbow, the same version as was playing at her Uncle Brian's funeral. He did do an amazing job as I just watched it on youtube. I posted it below, it is very good.

See you tomorrow.


sussah said...

I'm glad Preston has a good appetite these days! I remember he just had a little bit of chocolate milk shake that time we went out when he was little. Applebees can be delicious, I like the fried mozzarella. sp

stefanieostergard said...

That song gets me every time. He did a great job.