Friday, April 18, 2008

cleaned the garage.

Good Morning, it is Friday.

Yesterday I spent much of my time at home cleaning out the garage so Maren's car could park inside again. I took all the seats out of the van and used it as a pick up truck, filled it up all the way with carpeting stuff removed from the upstairs rooms and anything else I could find. Lillie loved the trip to the dump. The best for her was getting to sit in the front seat. She never has gotten to sit up front, and was bummed out that once I got the seats back in the van that she was back in the middle row. My van has a sensor so that if a light person is in the front seat, the air bag is deactivated. Lillie thought that was very cool, but still calls air bags by the name of air bubbles. The dump was very loud, but Lillie chose to get out of the van for a few minutes, but her favorite place was in the front seat, on her knees watching. The person next to us was trashing a buffet that seemed to be good, it was kind of cool as it busted into a bunch of pieces as it flew into the dump. The person who was using the stall where I parked must have been throwing away some interesting stuff as there was a home made picture left on the ground of a college aged girl in a compromising position. I just swept it into the dump along with all my junk. Lillie thought the van was so cool with out rear seats. She could not decide if she wanted to fill it up with little trampolines, or a bunch of bean bags. Anyhow, Maren's car fits in the garage just fine and is, according to Maren, a very happy car.

Today Lillie has preschool, I will be teaching a lesson while she is in school, and Preston will be going straight to his friend David's house after school for an overnight. Maren is meeting her girl friends for lunch. She is still not feeling great, but hopefully on the road to wellness.

See you tomorrow.

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