Tuesday, April 15, 2008

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Good Morning, it is Tuesday.

Yesterday I shared with your Maren's experiences at the Seeds of Compassion workshop and how the Dalai Lama did not make it, but an ex-American Idol hopeful did sing. Well, I guess the name of the very well liked ex-Idol has quite a fan club and they must bookmark all blogs that mention their names because as you can tell from the comments yesterday, they were all a buzz. My blog had like twice as many visitors as ever before. They even pasted it into their own web pages. One person from their site was even bashing me for not learning anything about Compassion from the workshop for what I said about their favored ex-idol. Crazy.

Preston was supposed to run in the track meet yesterday, but he sprained his ankle goofing off at recess bad enough that he pulled himself off the team for the meet. Poor Preston, I am sure he will be better in a couple of days.

Hansen's piano teacher has canceled yet another piano lesson with Hansen. This time she was sick. Hansen is actually quite bummed out that his piano lessons keep getting postponed. I think he is looking ahead in his book and wishing to learn a certain song or something.

I have a dilemma with the kids school I am trying to work through at this time. Hansen missed the Hi Cap program (that Preston is in) by one percent. I think I may have grounds to appeal and get him in the program and stay at Grass Lake. Lillie starts Kindergarten next year and I have wanted her to be with the boys. GL only offers half day Kindergarten. The local school Cedar Valley is only going to offer full day Kindergarten next year. So, do I put Lillie in the local school at full day? Bring Hansen back as well? Try to appeal the Hi Cap program and then have Lillie go half day at GL? Unfortunately all these appeals and stuff have to be done at the same time. I think I am leaning to the appeal and half day, but the other would be nice too, nicer for me-the van driver. Decisions, decisions.

Today is Taekwondo, and more rain.

See you tomorrow.

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