Tuesday, April 01, 2008

April Fools Day.

Good Morning, it is Tuesday.

Today is April Fools Day. If you have not fooled someone yet...get to it.

I did not have any great pranks this year, but I did get the Boys with a few not so great ones. Preston went to check out Youtube for a second, and the mouse would not work because I had put a sticky note on the bottom of the mouse. After he thrashed the mouse and started to get frustrated, he picked the mouse up and on the bottom was the sticky note that said April fools. I had also stuffed the tip of his shoe with newspaper. He could not get in on, and then he found the paper in the toe of his shoe. Maren's Prank will be discovered at bed time when the raisin she stuffed in the tip of the tube of toothpaste ends up on their toothbrush. Cierra also fell for the mouse joke, and the stuffed shoe joke. Julia was too smart and did not fall for either. The funniest thing was how Hansen was watching the shoe stuff, making fun of the girls and goofing off, then totally fell for the joke himself! Preston is planning on doing the sticky pad mouse joke on his teacher.

If you have any great April Fools jokes, let me know! I am always looking, and besides, the day is not over yet. A good one we pulled on the boys a couple of years back was to make a bowl of their favorite breakfast cereal and freeze it the night before, with a spoon in it. When we served it to the kids (Cocoa puffs) the spoon was stuck in the frozen bowl of cereal. I liked that one. We have a rule in our house about no mean April Fools jokes because a few years ago I had taped open the sprayer on the sink and when Preston turned on the water, he got totally sprayed ( I may even have that on video somewhere). Preston did not think that was funny and ended up throwing his cereal on the floor and having quite a fit. Now we have a family rule against mean practical jokes.

Maren made it no problem through her day yesterday. She even came up with her own ideas on how I could do my job better. Yup, after one morning she became the expert!

I played ok in my golf tournament. I missed a hole in one by about 2 inches. Bobby Jones has a famous quote that says "There is golf and there is Tournament golf, and the two have nothing in common". I am starting to realize that I really enjoy golf, and am good at golf...I am not quite as good at Tournament golf.

See you tomorrow.

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Emily said...

I called Sumanth pretending to be from a local bakery and told him that his '100 lb biscuit' was ready for pick-up. I was all ready for him to be like, "What biscuit, I didn't order a biscuit?" at which point I was going to explain about the costs and kosher flour that went into it, etc., but I guess I didn't alter my voice enough, because he said, "I'll swing right by and pick it up."