Wednesday, April 02, 2008

April Fools Day results.

Good Morning, it is Wednesday.

Yesterday was a fun April Fools Day. The kids tried to get me all day. Lillie would go up to everyone she saw and say to them, "There is a bug on your arm, there is a bug on your arm!", and when the person would go "huh?" and look at their arm, she would jump up and down and shout "April Fools!". She thought it was the best. Lillie also says that with her preschool teacher she actually changed things up a bit...the bug was on her leg!

Hansen is the only one who actually got me. During his Taekwondo class I went shopping for cat litter, cat food and grapes. They were kind of in the way of him getting in the car, and he is usually too slow for me as it is. I was telling him to get in the car, but to NOT step on the grapes. He was his usual whatever self, and as he passed the grapes he said,"uh dad, I think I just stepped on the grapes." Just as my blood was starting to boil and I was telling him to just sit down, he says "April Fools, Dad!". He got me. I knew he had it in him to step on the grapes, did not think he would prank me. On the car ride home when he started to beg me to take him to Starbucks for a coffee, I told him that with the economy so poor, people have stopped buying coffee and Starbucks had to close. He was silent for a second, so I said "April Fools, but were are not going to Starbucks now." Hansen was all mad at me and said I broke the no mean April Fools jokes rules and saying Starbucks was closed was cruel. Later Hansen told the story to Cierra and Julia's mom (they all went for a walk in the evening) and the other kids were like "that is not mean.", but Amy (the mom) saved Hansen and said "How dare anyone mess with Coffee!, that is totally mean!", so Hansen felt vindicated...these coffee drinkers, so serious, geepers.

Preston tried to get me throughout the day, but he did not have any luck. After accusing me of having no sense of humor over and over, taping "kick me" signs on my back and finally putting the raisin that Maren had stuffed in the toothpaste on my shoulder. He did get me later by putting the April Fools sticky under my computer mouse so the mouse did not work. Preston did say he got his teacher with that joke, and Julia was very excited to tell me that her teacher fell for that big time, she was looking under her keyboard and all around her computer, she finally turned the mouse over and saw the April Fools sticky...I think Julia was probably falling out of her chair about then.

Today is my usual golf day, and the weather is going to be like 60 degrees and sunny! But since I golfed on Monday, I will be spending the day clearing out the boys room, tearing out the carpet, and installing the new floor. It is the same laminate wood that I put in Lillie's room.

Preston has soccer practice...the first time this season he will participate in practice during nice weather. Lillie has dance class. Last Wednesday evening is when it started snowing...this evening should be dry and warm.

See you tomorrow.

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