Wednesday, April 30, 2008

No sick!, new shoes.

Good morning, it is Wednesday.

Yesterday was the first day in a while that no one missed anything due to being sick! Last night was a good night as well. I think we are back to good. Yeah!

Yesterday I bought the boys new shoes. While Hansen was at Taekwondo I ran (walked to my van and drove actually) to Payless Shoe Source to take advantage of the BOGO sale. It has not been too long since the boys got new shoes, but they each have a problem with their big toes sticking out of there shoes due to extreme shoe usage. I picked Preston out a basic pair of running type shoes he would like, and I picked Hansen out the only pair of Velcro style shoe they had in his size. Both were just fine for the boys and it took just minutes. As I was getting ready to leave a friend with kids in the boy's school came in with her kids. She was amazed that I could choose shoes for the boys without them actually being there! I just said that the boys were easy, besides, they are color blind and don't pick up on some of the small stuff. But Lillie...let me tell you, I would not try to pick out shoes for that girl. Nor would I ever go to the shoe store with her if time was an issue. Last time I bought the boy's shoes she was there and we ended up spending 3/4 of the time debating her shoes! No surprise really.

Today Preston's soccer team is scrimmaging the girls select u-12 team. I must admit, I am a little worried for them...the boys that is, the girls may just kick their bums. Lillie has dance class.

See you tomorrow.

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Preston track.

Preston at the start of the relay.

Preston flying to a 13 + foot long jump.

Preston winning the dash.

Preston cruising during the final leg of a relay.

Good Morning, it is Tuesday.

Yesterday Preston has his last track meet before the Jr. Olympics in two weeks. In the long jump he won by over a foot. He is the only kid jumping over 13 feet. The next closest kid is back in the high 11 foot range. A friend took a bunch of pictures of Preston with a super cool camera, I will post some below. Preston is kind of bummed that track is ending.

Today should be back to normal for Lillie and me. The boys have not woke yet, but I am hopeful that they are well. Maren seems to be a little sick, but still functioning.

See you tomorrow.

Monday, April 28, 2008

I am better, Maren's turn to be sick, boys had a good day at home.

Good Morning, it is Monday.

Yesterday was a very crummy day for me and Lillie. I feel much better this morning, not perfect, but nothing a lot of Advil can't fix. Lillie is still a bit out of it. Now Maren is full on sick with what me and Lillie had. The boys (knock wood) have escaped the sickness. The only fun thing about being so sick for the last couple of days is that I lost so much weight. I went from my usual 10 lbs. too heavy @ 180 lbs. down to a svelte 173 lbs. Maren was cracking up because every couple of hours I would hobble over to the scale to see how much more weight I lost.

The boys had a very fun day yesterday. The weather was very nice for the bulk of the day and most of the neighborhood was home. They played plenty of crazy games from ones with skateboard, to bicycles, to light sabers, to war games with 4 square balls, to totally ruining Maren's nice flowers, and so on. Every once in a while I would have to get the kids out of the yard because the war balls were wiping out the flowers and crashing into the house. One time I went out to tell the kids to go play in the street (I love telling the kids to go play in the sounds so backwards of everything you should instruct your kids to do, but it works in our culd-e-sac). Maren also took the boys out early to pick up our pre-order of Mario Cart for the Wii that came out yesterday. The boys did in fact find some time to play the new video game as well. It does look very cool, it has cool little steering wheels that hold the Wii remotes. Maren is now saving her extra pennies for the release of Wii Fit in a few weeks...I may go put in a pre-order for Wii Fit in a few days.

Today Preston has a track meet (we are hoping that the rain stops by 4:15pm, it is just pouring rain right now). Hansen has a piano lesson. Lillie has gymnastics, but she will be missing that today for being sick. I will try to schedule a make up class for her later in the week. Maren is up in bed as she called in sick to work.

See you tomorrow.

Sunday, April 27, 2008

I am sick, Hansen's new skate board.

Good Morning, it is Sunday.

Sorry for the short blog, I have caught Lillie's sickness and am sick. I hate being sick, luckily it does not happen too often. I would not even have blogged, but I don't want to forget about Hansen's great garage sale find. Yesterday at a garage sale he bought a very cool skate board. It is wider than a standard skateboard and has 14 wheels. Two axles with 7 wheels on each in a half moon pattern. It seems to drive like a snowboard. Anyhow, at 9:00 am this morning, Hansen was outside skating on his new board.

Today since I am sick, we will not be going bowling with the church (or attending for that matter) but Mario Cart for the Wii comes out today so later Maren will take the kids out to buy the game and they can have a good Mario Cart day.

See you tomorrow.

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Lillie starting to get better, getting beat at Wii, warm today.

Good Morning, it is Saturday.

Yesterday was a long day for young Lillie. She was sick all of the day and into the night again. Her last time being sick was at around 2:00 am this morning, so with any luck she is on the road to better. Since the rest of us are just fine, I suspect she ate something yucky the other day. I am keeping my finger's crossed that the rest of us stay healthy.

Last night after Maren went to bed, Preston and I played Nintendo while Lillie watched (She slept most of the day and was not really ready to go to sleep at bed time). After playing Dance Dance Revolution, Wii tennis, and Wii baseball. As I was getting Lillie's toothbrush ready, I overheard Lillie and Preston laughing about how we played all these games and I did not win a single game. I must admit that I did not even realize that I got beat on every front until they started to rub it in.

Maren is working this morning so she will be home around 1:00pm or something. Preston is still sleeping, and we may not see him for some while. Hansen spent the night at Kole's house and we probably will not see him for a couple more hours as well. The sun is already out and it is maybe going to be around 65 or 70 degrees will feel very very warm to us. We may even have to go on a garage sale walk.

See you tomorrow.

Friday, April 25, 2008

sick and tired day.

Good Morning, it is Friday.

Today's blog is very late and very short. Too many sick ones in this family. Right now it is just Maren and Lillie...we are really hoping that the rest don't come down with the yuks. I will spare you all the details, only to say that Lillie's nice new rug for her bedroom has been rolled up and tossed out due to extremely horrible contamination...and part of our new carpet has already been steam cleaned.

Here is hoping for a better day and a healthy tomorrow. See you tomorrow.

Thursday, April 24, 2008

golf, chicken, Hansen gets muddy.

Good Morning, it is Thursday.

Yesterday the weather turned out very nice for my round of golf. I had another good streak of birdies. This time I had 4 in a row, with another couple along the line. In my last two rounds of golf I have birdied 8 of the holes on the Front 9 at Elk Run, and a few holes on the back. I don't think I will stop using this 30 year old Ping Zing putter I bought off of e-bay for $16.00 any time soon.

John and Carol came out and took Lillie out to lunch and out shopping. They found a different Burger King which was more to their liking. The one in Kent is a little cleaner and nicer than the one in Covington. For some reason Lillie always chooses Burger King these days. I think she is turning anti McDonalds thanks to Preston, but not anti fast food, Burger King is da bomb. I actually like McDonalds just fine and am not anti fast food, I am more of an everything in moderation type. At the end of this link I am attaching my favorite McDonald's TV commercial found YouTube. The McDonalds Cha Cha Slide. Lillie likes to do the cha cha slide with her fries just like the kid in the commercial.

John and I worked on removing wall paper for an hour after I returned from golfing. We are removing wall paper hour by hour and some day it will be gone...that day was not yesterday, and won't be tomorrow either. Carol also made a very nice dinner for the family. We had big noodles with Pesto, and some Chicken. It is funny because Lillie loved her Chicken Tenders earlier in the day at Burger King, but would not touch the Chicken Nana made (which was great), because the Chicken Nana made was once a living Chicken! Lillie does not draw the same conclusion about Chicken Tenders.

Yesterday evening after Preston and Lillie were home from their activities, all the neighborhood kids were playing out side and having a fun time. Some how Hansen slid and fell down in a huge mud puddle left from workers cleaning up the neighbor's driveway after working with a truck load of dirt for a back yard remodel. You should have heard Hansen's trauma. Every article of his clothing was muddy, right down to (and through) his underwear. He was yelling from upstairs that he could not even get all the dirt off his butt! It must have taken him 10 minutes just to get out of his mud covered clothes and into clean clothes. Somehow he did end up back outside for a few minutes before being called in for the night.

Today Lillie has Preschool, Preston has Math Club after school, and Hansen has Taekwondo.

See you tomorrow.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Purple belt, haircut, Guitar Hero.

Good Morning, it is Wednesday.

Yesterday was a nice smooth day for the most part. Preston's ride to Math Club never showed up so he got to spend the morning with us chickens. He would have sat around and played Guitar Hero if it worked! We did fix that problem later in the afternoon.

After school the kids played in the non rain for a little bit then it was time to get Hansen ready for Taekwondo. Maren wanted to get her hair cut and Preston needed to replace Guitar Hero so we all packed in the van and took the short trip to down town Covington. We all watched Hansen be presented with his new Purple Belt in Taekwondo, then Maren took Lillie over to HairMasters to get a haircut. I am sure Lillie enjoyed every minute of watching Maren get her haircut...the only problem is that Lillie thought she should be able to get a haircut as well. At the same time I took Preston over to GameStop and they did have a used Guitar Hero without the Guitar for a very reasonable price. We picked that up then I took Preston home (all the way back to the suburbs of Covington) so he could hang out and play Guitar Hero. I then drove all the way back to down town Covington (I am trying to make the one and a half mile trip sound dramatic) to pick up Maren, Lillie and Hansen. Maren's hair looks very nice, Hansen's Purple belt is very cool, Preston is geeking out that Guitar Hero works again, and Lillie and I were just chopped liver...but that will all be fixed today when Nana and Grandpa spoil Lillie and I get to go golfing, today will be our day!

Tonight Preston has Soccer practice and Lillie has dance class.

See you tomorrow.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Track meet, errands.

Good Morning, it is Tuesday.

Yesterday Preston had his best track meet to date. He won the long jump with a jump of 13 feet 3 inches. That is almost a foot longer than his previous personal best and better than any 6th grader has jumped this year. Preston also finished 2nd in the 75 yard dash and his relay team finished 1st. Way to go Preston! What was nearly as amazing to me was the weather. When I was driving to pick up the kids at GL (all of mine plus 3...yeah, crazy car ride) it was raining, snowing and hailing. The skies were black and it just looked horrible. Even the kids were wondering if they would cancel the meet. As we drove toward Kent for the track meet the snow started to stop and as we kept driving the skies got clear. The weather for the track meet was cold, but it was dry and sunny. Amazing.

Shannon would be happy to know that last night I used the Automated Postage Thing for mailing packages after hours. It is very cool. I had taken Preston out to get a smoothie, ship a package, check on his Guitar Hero Game, and put gas in Maren's car. We were only successful on mailing the package and getting gas for Maren's car (it is much more fun to put gas in her car than in mine-9 gallons and it is full, as apposed to 15 gallons in my car-yup, they go the same distance on a fill up). We found out that the Smoothie cards Preston won are for the Renton store, how frustrating, but it will work out to get him his smoothie after Soccer games as the games are at Starfire in Renton. And his Wii system scratched his Guitar Hero game and it looks like the store can not polish out the scratch as it is too deep. It is very frustrating that these gaming systems can actually scratch the game disk...they think that maybe the system got moved or something with the game inside, but still, you would think the game would be the safest inside the system.

Today Hansen will be presented with his Purple Belt in Taekwondo. Lillie has school and Maren works as always. I am going to wake up Preston early right now as he has math club before school.

See you tomorrow.

Monday, April 21, 2008

Silent Auction, lost tooth.

Good Morning, it is Monday.

Amber has updated her blog with tons of pictures of her newest family member. Amber, Chuck and Aurora all look very good, they all look very happy. Nice pics!

Last night we went to the church silent auction to support youth ministries. I had donated a golf lesson at a $35.00 value. It sold for $50.00, how cool is that? Preston won a package of coupons for Emerald Smoothies, the kid loves smoothies. Hansen got outbid on everything and spent the night trying to borrow from future allowances. Lucky for him he got outbid on everything and still has his $$$. Hansen was not the only 8 year old with tears in his eyes, we should have known better than to bring kids to the auction as most things sell for at or more than their value at this auction. We lost on coffee stuff, toy stuff, lots of stuff. But overall we did have fun, and the $$$ went to a good cause.

At the auction Lillie pulled out her 3rd tooth! Yup, pulled it right out, with Preston's encouragement. Lillie showed off her bloody mouth to the folks sharing the table with us. We were able to find a huge zip lock bag to bring the tooth home in. The tooth fairy did show up...around 6:00am this morning if I am correct. I am sure Lillie will be thrilled.

Preston had his first soccer game with his new team. The new team had their first game against a powerhouse of a team and got kind of clobbered. Overall Preston played well. He had a really cool header save when he was defense. The ball was heading toward the goal and Preston went flying through and headed the ball out of trouble. When he was forward, they never really gave him any chances. I am sure the team will do better in the future. The Starfire soccer complex is very cool.

Today is school, gymnastics, soccer and who knows what else.

See you tomorrow.

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Fruity Pillows, Belt Test, Party.

Good Morning, it is Sunday.

Yesterday I was getting the kids breakfast and asking what they wanted. I was reading off the names of the cereal boxes on top of the refrigerator for the kids to eat. Lillie requested Fruity Pillows. I was like "Fruity Pillows, do you mean Fruity Pebbles?" Lillie then went into this whole elaborate story about how if you are dreaming about eating Fruity Pebbles while you are sleeping, but then you eat your pillow, then when you wake up you have no more pillow, but you did eat Fruity Pillows...and it was very tasty. Anyhow, this does not show how funny her story was, I can only say that she had Hansen rolling on the ground laughing.

Hansen did a great job at his Taekwondo Belt Test. He was the only student in his test to choose and break a very thick piece of wood. A couple of others tried, but had to go back to the standard thinner board. Hansen did a very powerful back kick and just destroyed the board. It make a huge noise and even Master Kim told Hansen that that was a great kick. Tuesday at class Hansen will be presented with his Purple belt.

We had a very nice time at Stef and John's birthday party. It was great to have the cousins there. Lillie and Kyra were just two peas in a pod. Hansen and Tyler played great together. Preston even got into the action a little with games of uno and computer stuff. Camden and Maggie were there as were the twins. Maren and baby Jack bonded over hours of snuggling and a very poop filled diaper. Avery was her super mellow self. Lillie, Kyra and Camden thought a very fun game was to put baby Maggie in the swing, then let her little feet bonk them in the head on the swing forward. Maggie thought that was great as well. Anyhow, there was tons of fun to be had, and tons of very good food.

Today is Preston's first soccer game of the new season, and we have the Silent Auction at Church to benefit youth programs.

See you Tomorrow.

Saturday, April 19, 2008

more Snow, stuff.

Good Morning, it is Saturday.

Down in Austin Texas, Princess Aurora is entering her second day...again, congrats Amber and Chuck. Amber probably won't like me calling Aurora "Princess Aurora" as she did not want her baby room pink and everything pink. But she is my little sister, and she named her baby girl the same name as Disney Princess who is famous for her pink dress and golden tiara. Besides, being the older brother, it is my duty to provide a little ribbing. We will make sure Aurora always has pink princess stuff from Covington.

Yesterday was a smooth day around here. Except for the snow! When I was teaching a golf lesson (in Auburn) around 1:00pm it started to snow and sleet so hard that we had to end the lesson early. What was crazy is that just four miles away in Kent, it did not snow or sleet or even rain.

Yesterday Lillie challenged me to a game of UNO Attack. She is a pretty mean uno player. She beat me two out of three games. I actually was winning the first two games quite easily, but just as I was about to run out of cards, she would play a "switch cards with another player" card. Who ever heard of a "switch cards with another player card"? I did have to give her pointers here and there, but I never had to just gift her the win...which is kind of against my grain. Let kids win? You got to be joking! Ok, sometime, but rarely. Sometimes at the golf course (I don't go very often with the boys, but when I do someone always says the same thing) some one asks the boys, "how long till you can beat your dad?, Preston just smiles and acts like it will be like tomorrow, duh!...That is when I chime in and say, uh NEVER! That usually gets Preston to practice just a little harder for a few minutes.

After school the plan was to pick up Preston and his friend David to take them to David's house for an overnight. Normally I would not have volunteered to pick them up from school, but Hansen still is not so calm about riding the bus without his brother...I guess he figures he would get on the wrong bus and never make it home. Anyhow, the lines of communication somewhere go lost and David took the bus home to his house while I was left with just my kids, and to take Preston to David's house. This is no big deal, except that David's commute is only 5 minutes by car, but 25 minutes by school bus, meaning we got to David's house 20 minutes before he did. How silly. I guess David's mom thought the boys would both get on David's bus. Anyhow, it all worked out fine, we just hung out with David's mom for a little bit.

Without Preston, we went out to dinner. Maren has a Passport card and dinners at certain restaurants are quite reasonable. On the way home it was really snowing and sticking in parts of Covington, we really had to drive slowly and safely. Don't really expect that it will be snowing and sticking on April 18th.

Today is Hansen's Belt Test in Taekwondo. He is testing to be a Purple Belt. Today is also the birthday party for both John and Stef...we will be celebrating later this evening.

See you tomorrow.

Friday, April 18, 2008

Extra post welcoming Aurora Ruth Wadey

Good Evening, it is Friday night. This extra post is to welcome Aurora Ruth Wadey!

Welcome Aurora Ruth Wadey (aka, Blueberry), she arrived just today at 7:16 p.m. and was 6 pounds 11 ounces and 21 inches. We hear that Amber and Chuck are doing well. You can check Amber's blog for up to date pictures and happenings, there is a link to the left on my links if you don't have the address. Her comments are full and many folks are very pleased. I don't have a picture to post just yet, but I do have a very good idea what she will look like on her 16th birthday...Her name gives it away. Above is a picture of Princess Aurora, known to some (or all 5 year old girls) as Sleeping Beauty. I hope for Amber and Chuck that Aurora does in fact like to sleep, at least a little, for maybe two hours at a time.
Congratulations to Amber and Chuck.
See you tomorrow.

cleaned the garage.

Good Morning, it is Friday.

Yesterday I spent much of my time at home cleaning out the garage so Maren's car could park inside again. I took all the seats out of the van and used it as a pick up truck, filled it up all the way with carpeting stuff removed from the upstairs rooms and anything else I could find. Lillie loved the trip to the dump. The best for her was getting to sit in the front seat. She never has gotten to sit up front, and was bummed out that once I got the seats back in the van that she was back in the middle row. My van has a sensor so that if a light person is in the front seat, the air bag is deactivated. Lillie thought that was very cool, but still calls air bags by the name of air bubbles. The dump was very loud, but Lillie chose to get out of the van for a few minutes, but her favorite place was in the front seat, on her knees watching. The person next to us was trashing a buffet that seemed to be good, it was kind of cool as it busted into a bunch of pieces as it flew into the dump. The person who was using the stall where I parked must have been throwing away some interesting stuff as there was a home made picture left on the ground of a college aged girl in a compromising position. I just swept it into the dump along with all my junk. Lillie thought the van was so cool with out rear seats. She could not decide if she wanted to fill it up with little trampolines, or a bunch of bean bags. Anyhow, Maren's car fits in the garage just fine and is, according to Maren, a very happy car.

Today Lillie has preschool, I will be teaching a lesson while she is in school, and Preston will be going straight to his friend David's house after school for an overnight. Maren is meeting her girl friends for lunch. She is still not feeling great, but hopefully on the road to wellness.

See you tomorrow.

Thursday, April 17, 2008

good golfing, HC appeal.

Good Morning, it is Thursday.

Yesterday I had one of the best rounds of golf in my life. I was just out golfing with some friends and I had a streak of 5 birdies in a row. I think I may have had 3 birdies in a row a few times, but never 5. I played well the rest of the day and carded a 67. That was a ton of fun. If only I could do that on tournament days. Maybe someday.

John and Carol came out and took Lillie out on the town. Sounds like they had fun visiting baby Maggie and hitting McDonald's. American Idol happy meal toys! I don't think this little toy beat boxing dude is Simon. Carol also made a very good chicken noodle casserole for dinner, yum.

I think I may take a trip to the transfer station today. The removal of wallpaper and painting our room before doing the floors has very much slowed down the room process, and I don't feel the need to speed it up by skipping golfing or helping in Hansen's class, or anything. So I am going to clean out the garage and get it back to normal, then get to the flooring when I get there.

Hansen missed getting into the Highly Capable program through the Kent School District by only one percentage point...his scores put him in the top 96 percent of all second graders nation wide, but he need a 97 percent. After the first day of test taking he came home and told me that he left a few answers wrong because he was scarred to erase and change answers because he thought it would mess up the computer grading as he did not think he could erase completely enough. I am going to appeal and try to get him in the program, but from everyone I have talked to, it seems to be a very long shot. I just figure why not, I expect them to turn him down, but you never know.

See you tomorrow.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

M sick, e-bay golf clubs.

Good Morning, it is Wednesday.

Yesterday was just a smooth day for most of us. Maren has not been feeling well and can use any sympathy she can get...which from our motley crew, is not very much. So instead she just plugs away. Poor Maren.

Lillie was very happy to be back at school yesterday. She is not much for breaks as she would rather be hanging with her friends at school than doing nothing. But she does enjoy a good Princess game on the Wii.

I was just cleaning Maren's glasses for her this morning when I went to pull out a clean dish rag to dry them with. Instead I pulled out a pillow case. Maren was like "who put a pillow case in with the dish rags?" I said, "who do you think sorted the laundry yesterday?" She answered, "Lillie?". My answer..."No, but I tried to get Lillie to do the laundry, it was me."

My latest e-bay purchase should arrive in a week or so. I bought a set of 1987 Wilson Staff fluid irons. 2-SW. Just like the ones I bought brand new back in 1987, then like a dummy traded for a set of Pings a year later (who knew I would hate ping irons, and still do...except for the putters which I have used for years). Anyhow, they look to be in good shape, and were only $60.00 for the set. I don't know for sure if I will use them or not. I hope so, but if not, I will enjoy having them in my collection. My only hole-in-one back in 1987 was with that set, actually the 4-iron. I need to weed through my vast collection of old golf clubs one of these days before it takes over the garage. Maren thinks I am goofy for enjoying shopping for cheap clubs from yesteryear, but in the end she does not really mind because then she gets to spend the same amount of $$$ on deals of the day at QVC. Philosophy make-up deals on QVC are her weakness.

Today is soccer and dance. I will go golfing, hopefully it is not raining too much today.

See you tomorrow.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

bloggers, school stuff.

Good Morning, it is Tuesday.

Yesterday I shared with your Maren's experiences at the Seeds of Compassion workshop and how the Dalai Lama did not make it, but an ex-American Idol hopeful did sing. Well, I guess the name of the very well liked ex-Idol has quite a fan club and they must bookmark all blogs that mention their names because as you can tell from the comments yesterday, they were all a buzz. My blog had like twice as many visitors as ever before. They even pasted it into their own web pages. One person from their site was even bashing me for not learning anything about Compassion from the workshop for what I said about their favored ex-idol. Crazy.

Preston was supposed to run in the track meet yesterday, but he sprained his ankle goofing off at recess bad enough that he pulled himself off the team for the meet. Poor Preston, I am sure he will be better in a couple of days.

Hansen's piano teacher has canceled yet another piano lesson with Hansen. This time she was sick. Hansen is actually quite bummed out that his piano lessons keep getting postponed. I think he is looking ahead in his book and wishing to learn a certain song or something.

I have a dilemma with the kids school I am trying to work through at this time. Hansen missed the Hi Cap program (that Preston is in) by one percent. I think I may have grounds to appeal and get him in the program and stay at Grass Lake. Lillie starts Kindergarten next year and I have wanted her to be with the boys. GL only offers half day Kindergarten. The local school Cedar Valley is only going to offer full day Kindergarten next year. So, do I put Lillie in the local school at full day? Bring Hansen back as well? Try to appeal the Hi Cap program and then have Lillie go half day at GL? Unfortunately all these appeals and stuff have to be done at the same time. I think I am leaning to the appeal and half day, but the other would be nice too, nicer for me-the van driver. Decisions, decisions.

Today is Taekwondo, and more rain.

See you tomorrow.

Monday, April 14, 2008

Back to school, Maren's workshop.

Good Morning, it is Monday.

I will be waking Preston soon, then Hansen not too long afterwards. Spring break is over! I sound like some mean parent that just wants their kid in school, it is not really that, it is more that on school days it is not me that is forcing a schedule on the kids. Besides, they do like school.

Yesterday Maren had a nice time at the Seeds of Compassion workshop. We will see if she can now teach our children to be more compassionate. Or at least get them to stop calling each other names like Turd Nugget quite so often. Maren said that because of the Dalai Lama's crazy schedule, he did not make it to the forum. I guess the forum went just fine without him, and Maren met and worked with some very cool people, so she had a good time. Maren had gotten a first row table so she could see the Dalai Lama up close, but the front row seat still paid off...can you guess who sung the group out? No really, this guy sung the group out, and was just as geeky in real life as on American Idol. Have you figured it out yet? Sanjaya Malakar and his sister Shiyamali. Yes! Sanjaya and Shyamali sung a couple of songs for the group and Maren had a front row seat. She would have much rather seen the Dalai Lama, but I guess Sanjaya will have to do. I wonder if that is exactly what the forum promoters were thinking?

Today Preston has a track meet. Figuring the carpools for four kids has been a little bit of a back and forth. I will be picking up Preston, Hansen and three of Preston's friends and taking them to the track meet, the friend's moms are alternating on taking the boys home.

Lillie is excited to go back to gymnastics today.

See you tomorrow.

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Stef took the kids for an overnight, Dalia Lama.

Good afternoon, it is Sunday.

Saturday was a fun day. Shannon was here in the morning, but Maren had to work. We got a little work done on the wallpaper project. I have now figured out the best way for me and removing wallpaper...Just have Shannon do it. Just joking. Using the perferator thingamijig first, then use a roller to roll on the wallpaper solution, then roll it on again 15 minutes later, then peal and pull and curse the wallpaper off.

We [me, kids, and Shannon] went for a garage sale walk. Did not find much. Just a 10 cent hair doodad at an unmanned garage sale. I just left a dime on the table.

After the walk, Maren got home from work, and Stef came by to pick up the kids for an overnight. After Stef took off with the kids, we went out to Dinner at a Thai restaurant, then to Coldstone for ice cream. I needed postage stamps, and Shannon really wanted us to check out the post office's automated shipping center, so we walked over the the post office. Of course the automated shipping center was out of stamps. Anyhow, we had a very nice evening without the kids, and the kids had a very nice overnight at Stef's place. Shannon went home after dinner and Maren and I had a nice relaxing evening with no kids.

Stef had a great surprise in store for the kids as they thought they were going to have pizza delivered to the apartment, and who should bring over the pizza...Uncle Corey! Preston actually asked Corey if he now worked at Pizza Hut! The kids had a great time in Stef's company. I am sure they ran Stef ragged. I picked them up at about 1:00pm. Lillie did not ever want to go home, she actually told Stef that she wanted to live with her forever and have her be her new Mommy! They were actually happy to be home, and are now running all over the place being crazy.

Today Maren is working again. She is participating in a round table work shop about early literacy with the Seeds of Compassion and the Dalai Lama. Yup, she will be rubbing elbows with the Dalai Lama. Lillie thinks the Dalai Lama is a doll of a Llama.

Tomorrow is back to school for the kids, Spring Break is now over. Boo Hoo!

See you tomorrow.

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Preston is back, Hansen's bike ride.

Good Morning, it is Saturday.

Yesterday was a stay at home day for us. Preston and Alec got back from their overnight at John and Carol's around dinner time. Shannon came to visit around dinner time. We had a few large pizzas which worked out just fine. Sounds like Preston and Alec had a very good time, and John and Carol are not too exhausted.

Hansen and I took a quick bicycle ride around the neighborhood in the early afternoon. We were going to ride up to the school park. There were a couple of police officers talking to the neighbor who lives on the path to the school so Hansen was too scared to go by them. I told him it was fine and I led the way...I just rode slowly by the officers and said "hi". One officer said "looks like you lost one.", I turned around and Hansen was too scared to follow me. I had to turn back and we had to alter our ride just because he was too scared to ride next to a police officer. I guess he may be a UW Husky rather than a WSU Cougar after all.

Shannon stayed with us all evening and spent the night. She is still sleeping as are the kids. I have already let out our neighbor's dog, and fed our other neighbor's cat. We did work Shannon for a few hours in the task of wall paper remover. We are making decent ground on the project, but there are many hours left to work. I hear Lillie right now. Yup, she has just come down stairs and is jumping on Shannon as I type. How is that for a good morning?

Shannon was cracking up about Lillie. Lillie is so obviously a little sister to two big brothers. How else do you find a little princess girl, in princess clothes, with dirty bandaged knees from playing games in the grass with the big kids, and sentences like "Hansen, your such a turd nugget" flowing from her lips? I plead the 5th.

See you tomorrow.

Friday, April 11, 2008

Study, Preston and Alec, Shannon.

Good morning, it is Thursday.

Yesterday we went up to Children's Hospital to pickup Hansen's research stuff. As it turns out they want me to do the study as well, I just don't have to wear a belt. Lillie was in the room when the nurse did the height, weight, and waist measurements. She [Lillie] told me that I really should have shaved my belly...whatever! The research person was telling Hansen all about the $25.00 for the study would be his to spend however he wanted. They really should check with the parents before just gifting the money to the kids, but it is all good.

Yesterday we picked up Alec and he and Preston also came along to pick up the research stuff. Preston and Alec had in i-pod ear buds (they have a splitter so they can both listen to the same thing) and were playing a Nintendo game-boy. The ear buds made it so they cold not tell how loud they were talking. They did a good job most of the time, but every now and again Preston would let out a louder than necessary "Darn!" They were also taking turns solving a Rubiks Cube and amazing the nurses and stuff. I dropped Alec and Preston off at John and Carol's house for an overnight. I think the boys were excited about eating at the Panda Express. There is no cable TV or video games at John and Carol's house...I will be curious to see how the days have gone. I am sure they will have fun.

Last night I started ripping wall paper off of our bedroom walls. It is not coming off very easily. This will be a long job by the time the wall paper is gone, the room is painted, and the new floor is installed...what were we thinking!

Tonight Hansen has Taekwondo Sparring. We also have Maren's old work friend Shannon coming out to spend the night and hang out. We will put her to work removing wall free dinner around here, she is earning every bite of her Papa Murphy's Pizza!

See you tomorrow.

Thursday, April 10, 2008

nice day, Hansen's study, wall paper.

Good Morning, it is Thursday.

Yesterday turned out to be a nice day. It never rained least while I was golfing. This is the time of year that all the golf courses are areifying their greens. I had put so much stuff in the back two rows of my van to give away to the Goodwill (remember we put new floors in the kid's rooms...Maren did a pretty good weeding of stuff) that I did not bring my push cart. I carried my bag the first 9, then put it on a cart the second 9. Played much better without it on my shoulders. For the next four days, the tv will be stuck to the Golf Channel...Masters Week. Actually I have enjoyed watching highlights of older Masters Tournaments even more than I will enjoy watching the actual tournament.

Yesterday the kids decided to do a few more races. I only mention it here because we had some amazing time anomalies. On the middle length lap, Hansen timed 18.92 seconds two times in a the hundredth of a second. And if that is not crazy enough, Preston on the short sprint timed 3.82 seconds two times in a the hundredth of a second. I know this happened because I was working the stop watch, and other kids ran in between so I know I did the timer correctly.

Today we are going up to Children's Hospital because Hansen is taking part in a research study called the Neighborhood Impact on Kids Project. Basically Hansen will wear an activity monitor for one week, they will measure him and check his diet. Then in 2 years, they will do it again. They are doing research on how local neighborhoods can affect the health and growth of children. Hansen is very excited to get to be part of research.

I may try to get started on the flooring project in the master bedroom. We have decided that we will also remove all the old original wall paper and paint the room at the same time...first actually. This will turn a tough enough project into a crazy one, but better to do it all at one time. The wall paper is a green/white vertical line configuration that was put in by the previous owners. We will have to do some checking on colors and their names before deciding what color to paint. The wall paper will unfortunately not come off easily as was glued on very well...lots of water and ripping and sanding and stuff. Yuck.

See you tomorrow.

Wednesday, April 09, 2008

The day, dinner, Jason Castro

Good Morning, it is Wednesday.

Yesterday was a day of ups and downs around here. The kids would play well together for about one hour blocks, then things would fall apart and they would be put in their own corners. Then we would repeat the process. First was video games, they played nice, then got tired and had to be stopped. Next was outside. They were playing nice, then pine cone wars started up and Hansen took one to the forehead and Lillie in the mouth. Then back to their rooms. At one point I got so tired of them being inside and they were just whining about going out side that I made them just hang out outside...Preston out of boredom finally got out the stop watch and conducted some races around the culdesac. I could do the loop in 21 seconds, Preston was next at 22 seconds, Hansen came in at 27 seconds, and Lillie looked like she was just flying, but due to short cuts and long cuts and zig zagging all over the course, I think her best time was around 45 seconds.

Last night we went out to Applebees for dinner. We had $20.00 from watching Andrea's cat a few weeks ago and rather than just splitting the money, we took the family out to dinner. Of course with our group, we have to add another $35.00 to go anywhere nicer than Burger King, but once in a while, it is worth it. Preston is now eating off the adult menus and that is hardly enough food for the kid. Hansen and Lillie are still good with the kid menu, but a side order of fries is in order. We did have a nice dinner, and I am still full.

In the evening the kids were watching Ghost Busters 2 on on demand. I love on demand. Don't know how I lived with out it. Well, probably better than I do now, but I still love it. Maren was watching American Idol on the little TV. I went into the kitchen at one point and she was borderline weepy, so I was like what is up? Turns out my least favorite contestant, Jason Castro (I think he looks like he is missing his centaur body) had just finished an amazing rendition of Somewhere Over The Rainbow, the same version as was playing at her Uncle Brian's funeral. He did do an amazing job as I just watched it on youtube. I posted it below, it is very good.

See you tomorrow.

Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Shopping, pull-ups.

Good Morning, it it Tuesday,

Yes, we did spend the morning shopping yesterday. First stop Target. Lillie found a very fancy Polly Pockets type Princess set. Hansen found the Indiana Jones Lego set he had been tracking in his Lego Catalog. Preston did not like the selection at Target so we had to swing by Walmart on the way home. Before leaving Target we spent 20 minutes at the Starbucks/Pizza Hut food court. Hansen used his gift card and bought himself a Mocha Frappichino. Preston and Lillie each got a Slurpee. Hansen will forever think that a Target store with a Starbucks inside is more than just a place to shop...but rather a vacation destination. Hansen kept geeking out about how cool it was to be in Target and in Starbucks at the same time! Who said you can't vacation in Kent?

At Walmart Preston found the guitar stand he was looking for (the new flooring is just too slick to lean the guitar up against the wall), as well as the pull up bar he had been wanting for a long time. While we were at Walmart we ran into Preston's buddy Alec and his brother and sister and Dad. They were stocking up on candy before heading to the movies. Apparently Alec did not really want to see the movie and the boys figured Alec could just come home with us. That was fine with me and his dad, so we left Walmart with an extra kid. Preston and Alec pretty much spent the few hours playing Super Smash Brothers Brawl, occasionally letting Hansen and Lillie join them. They also enjoy looking up cheats to find glitches in their Zelda games. It just cracks me up because people will find these glitches where Zelda has a rock for armor or Zelda goes out of bounds in a certain spot and just keeps going, video tape the game they are playing, put it to Elmo music or something totally ridiculous, and post it on YouTube. Then kids like Preston and Alec watch these videos and just crack up. I think all I did at that age was ride my bike around looking for crazy jumps.

Back to the pull up bar. It is installed between the laundry room and the dining room. It is about 6 feet off the ground so if any tall folks come over, watch your head. Preston can do like 10 pull-ups. His thing is that every time he goes through the doorway he will do two pull-ups. Hansen can't quite get one pull-up yet. He just needs to grow a little more. But this does not stop Preston from taunting him. Preston has told Hansen that if he can do just one pull-up, he will give him $3.00. Three bucks from Preston is plenty to motivate Hansen, so he has spent far too much time trying to do a pull-up. He will get his pull-up in soon, collect his $3.00, and in five years be bigger and stronger than Preston and be able to put Preston in his place if he ever wants to.

Today Hansen has Taekwondo, otherwise we will probably just spend the day at home doing a lot of nothing.

See you tomorrow.

Monday, April 07, 2008

First day of spring break.

Good Morning, it is Monday.

Maren is off to work while the rest of us are on Spring the cold and the rain. I don't think the kids will spend any time outside at all today, I take that back, I am sure the kids will all be outside for an hour or so after lunch when all the parents in the neighborhood collectively figure the kids have had enough Nintendo. Preston got a new pair of goalie gloves, so now all he wants to do is to have people kick soccer balls at him so he can try out the gloves. He was trying to get me to go out at 9:00 pm, in the pouring rain, under the street light and kick the soccer ball at him. Yup, I just told him to get ready for bed and we would do it today. I am trying to figure how late I should let the kids sleep in...I would not mind just letting them sleep until they wake up by themselves, except for then they think they should be able to stay up until they fall asleep by themselves.

Saturday evening Preston and I were in charge of feeding the neighbor's dog as they had their baby. These are the neighbors who had the same due date as Amber...and their baby is already here. At least I am assuming so, we were instructed to feed the dog (I almost forgot about the letting the dog out side...I am too used to cats who don't need to go outside thanks to litter boxes) until the red car got home, the red car did get home the next morning followed by other cars visiting over the days, so we have not actually gone back over to snoop around. We may go check things out later today.

Today may end up being a day spent spending allowance. Allowance day was on Saturday, I told them [kids] we could go shopping after Hansen practices Piano. We may actually think of actual activities to do later in the week like go to the Aquarium or the Zoo, but today will be the stores.

See you tomorrow.

Sunday, April 06, 2008

Finished Boy's floor, Annie's birthday

Good Afternoon, it is Sunday.

Yesterday I finished the floor in the boy's room. For the last day they have been break dancing and sliding around on the smooth floor. Next (and last) will be the master bedroom. It is a lot bigger and we have more stuff, so I am in no hurry to get going. Maren and I will spend the next few days just figuring out what to do with our stuff.

We had fun at Amy's house for Annie's birthday. She [Annie] has been 29 for several years in a row now...go figure. The kids all had fun, they really enjoy having cousins around. We drug Mr. Jim along as he came over for a visit, his visit had been planned for a long time, when the birthday came up, we just made him come along. He did not know what he was in for...but I do think he had all 3 types of cake as well as both kinds of ice-cream. Way to go Mr. Jim.

I spent the some of the morning (after Church) uploading a video from my video camera to my computer. Next I will try to figure out how to get that on my blog......much time has passed, there must be a better way?......I think it worked. The following movie is only one minute long, and you need the sound on to get it. Maybe I will try to do this kind of thing more often now that I have the technology. Thanks to Lillie for being my first subject. I will also send this to AFV, maybe win $10,000. I decided to remove the video so Lillie is not too embarrased, I do have it at home and will be happy to show it to you anytime. I will do other videos in the future.

See you tomorrow.

Saturday, April 05, 2008

Spring Break, Costco

Good Morning, it is Saturday.

Spring Break is officially on. The kids do not got back to school until the 14th. We still have Taekwondo and Soccer, but everything else is on hold. The kids already think they should be able to stay up all night and RULE THE WORLD. Too bad for them, the family still has to function. Just no school...that should be good enough don't you think?

Last night we went to Costco for pizza and shopping. We did the standard routine where I take the kids, order a whole pizza and a bunch of pop while Maren shops. Worked out just fine. I even sent Preston up to buy some ice cream for the rest of us. Hansen really wanted a forth slice of pizza, but we had to stop him (and Preston) at three slices or Maren would not have gotten her share.

Today is back to working on flooring some, having Maren's co-worker Mr. Jim visit, and go to Maren's cousin Annie's birthday party for a while. Should be nice and busy.

See you tomorrow.

Friday, April 04, 2008

running errands.

Good Morning, it is Friday.

Yesterday went very smoothly. Lillie's friend Lily came over and the two played very well together. I got a few rows of flooring done while they played. I am to the place where I now need to move everything to the other side of the room, and continue. I probably will not do much more work until the weekend.

Yesterday while Lillie was in preschool, I picked up Lillie's 5 year pictures (they turned out very well), bought Preston a pair of goalie gloves (he is the back up goalie on his team, he prefers forward, but he may be a better goalie, he seems to understand the game enough to know when to be quick or to kick it deep to get a play going), filled out paperwork for Lillie to attend Grass Lake elementary next school year, and changed the oil in my van. I was going to wash my car as well, but I got sidetracked in GI Joes looking at motorcycles. They now have generic street motorcycles for $1500.00 that compete with the Honda Rebel 250 which sells for about $3000.00. I don't think I will be buying a motorcycle anytime soon, or anytime period, but it was fun to look for a few minutes.

After picking up Lillie we went to pick up Hansen and Preston. Preston stayed an hour late due to Math Club. They are adding an extra practice to get ready for the big competition in a month. The team will be traveling east of the mountains, staying in a hotel, and having a great time...with out parents. Some parents will be with them, but not me! While Preston was in club, Hansen and Lillie played with friends on the playground. Lillie has no problem keeping up with bigger kids on the playground. Only one time did I have to save her off the monkey bars, and that was because a 3rd grader got on the bars just after her and freaked her out a little.

Tonight we may take a family trip to Costco for dinner and supplies.

See you tomorrow.

Thursday, April 03, 2008

Worked on the floor in the boy's room. Toothbrush trauma.

Good Morning, it is Thursday.

Yesterday John and Carol came over at 10:00am. Carol took Lillie out to Ikea to buy her a nice furry rug for in front of her bed and to take her out to lunch. John and I stayed behind and worked on the floor in the boy's room. We pretty much worked non stop from 10:00am to about 4:00 pm and we got about half way done. In similar style to Lillie's room, we cleared about three quarters of the room, removed the carpet, pad, molding, tack boards, and staples, then started to put down the new floor. Right now the room looks kind of cool, the bed and shelve are on carpet, there is a gap of unfinished flooring in the very middle of the room, then the rest if finished with the new floor. A few hours of work today will put me to where we will be ready to move the bed, Lego shelving, and other stuff, to the other side of the room, finish removing the carpet and all the old flooring stuff, and continue the flooring process. It does add an extra element of pain in the butt to have stuff in the room, but it really is the only way to do it and still live in the house. I figure I will have the boy's room done by the end of the weekend, then it will take a long time to do the mine and Maren's room.

Last night while the littles were playing upstairs, Lillie decided to get out my rubber mallet and try to put in another floor board. She did not cause any damage or anything, one board was kind of knocked loose, she said she was just trying to help install the new floor. Thanks Lillie!

A couple of weeks ago we went to the dentist, me and the kids (the dentist keeps calling to have Maren reschedule her appointment) and we all got new toothbrushes. The other day I was passing out toothbrushes and I gave the wrong toothbrush to Preston and Hansen, just switched them up by accident. I figured this out when I went to help Hansen finish up. Hansen coughed and gaged when he realized he had Preston' tooth brush in their mouth. That was nothing, the moment Preston figured it out, he flew to the sink, coughed and spit every last ounce of anything out of his mouth, started to gag, and nearly puked his guts out...I almost thought the kid was going to melt or something! Maren and I were trying not to laugh too hard, but I ended up nearly crying I was laughing so hard. The next morning the kids refused to ever use their toothbrushes ever again, so Maren had to get them new toothbrushes from the stockpile. The whole episode was so amusing, I may have to switch up the toothbrushes on purpose every once in a while.

Today is going to be a busy day. Lillie has her friend Lily coming over to play in the morning, then off to preschool. After preschool we will be going to pick the boys up from school because Preston has math club. Hansen and Lillie will just play at the school park for the hour of math club since the weather is nice. Then home and off to Taekwondo. I may try to work on the room some during preschool, but I also need to run a few errands and change the oil in my minivan.

See you tomorrow.

Wednesday, April 02, 2008

April Fools Day results.

Good Morning, it is Wednesday.

Yesterday was a fun April Fools Day. The kids tried to get me all day. Lillie would go up to everyone she saw and say to them, "There is a bug on your arm, there is a bug on your arm!", and when the person would go "huh?" and look at their arm, she would jump up and down and shout "April Fools!". She thought it was the best. Lillie also says that with her preschool teacher she actually changed things up a bit...the bug was on her leg!

Hansen is the only one who actually got me. During his Taekwondo class I went shopping for cat litter, cat food and grapes. They were kind of in the way of him getting in the car, and he is usually too slow for me as it is. I was telling him to get in the car, but to NOT step on the grapes. He was his usual whatever self, and as he passed the grapes he said,"uh dad, I think I just stepped on the grapes." Just as my blood was starting to boil and I was telling him to just sit down, he says "April Fools, Dad!". He got me. I knew he had it in him to step on the grapes, did not think he would prank me. On the car ride home when he started to beg me to take him to Starbucks for a coffee, I told him that with the economy so poor, people have stopped buying coffee and Starbucks had to close. He was silent for a second, so I said "April Fools, but were are not going to Starbucks now." Hansen was all mad at me and said I broke the no mean April Fools jokes rules and saying Starbucks was closed was cruel. Later Hansen told the story to Cierra and Julia's mom (they all went for a walk in the evening) and the other kids were like "that is not mean.", but Amy (the mom) saved Hansen and said "How dare anyone mess with Coffee!, that is totally mean!", so Hansen felt vindicated...these coffee drinkers, so serious, geepers.

Preston tried to get me throughout the day, but he did not have any luck. After accusing me of having no sense of humor over and over, taping "kick me" signs on my back and finally putting the raisin that Maren had stuffed in the toothpaste on my shoulder. He did get me later by putting the April Fools sticky under my computer mouse so the mouse did not work. Preston did say he got his teacher with that joke, and Julia was very excited to tell me that her teacher fell for that big time, she was looking under her keyboard and all around her computer, she finally turned the mouse over and saw the April Fools sticky...I think Julia was probably falling out of her chair about then.

Today is my usual golf day, and the weather is going to be like 60 degrees and sunny! But since I golfed on Monday, I will be spending the day clearing out the boys room, tearing out the carpet, and installing the new floor. It is the same laminate wood that I put in Lillie's room.

Preston has soccer practice...the first time this season he will participate in practice during nice weather. Lillie has dance class. Last Wednesday evening is when it started snowing...this evening should be dry and warm.

See you tomorrow.

Tuesday, April 01, 2008

April Fools Day.

Good Morning, it is Tuesday.

Today is April Fools Day. If you have not fooled someone yet...get to it.

I did not have any great pranks this year, but I did get the Boys with a few not so great ones. Preston went to check out Youtube for a second, and the mouse would not work because I had put a sticky note on the bottom of the mouse. After he thrashed the mouse and started to get frustrated, he picked the mouse up and on the bottom was the sticky note that said April fools. I had also stuffed the tip of his shoe with newspaper. He could not get in on, and then he found the paper in the toe of his shoe. Maren's Prank will be discovered at bed time when the raisin she stuffed in the tip of the tube of toothpaste ends up on their toothbrush. Cierra also fell for the mouse joke, and the stuffed shoe joke. Julia was too smart and did not fall for either. The funniest thing was how Hansen was watching the shoe stuff, making fun of the girls and goofing off, then totally fell for the joke himself! Preston is planning on doing the sticky pad mouse joke on his teacher.

If you have any great April Fools jokes, let me know! I am always looking, and besides, the day is not over yet. A good one we pulled on the boys a couple of years back was to make a bowl of their favorite breakfast cereal and freeze it the night before, with a spoon in it. When we served it to the kids (Cocoa puffs) the spoon was stuck in the frozen bowl of cereal. I liked that one. We have a rule in our house about no mean April Fools jokes because a few years ago I had taped open the sprayer on the sink and when Preston turned on the water, he got totally sprayed ( I may even have that on video somewhere). Preston did not think that was funny and ended up throwing his cereal on the floor and having quite a fit. Now we have a family rule against mean practical jokes.

Maren made it no problem through her day yesterday. She even came up with her own ideas on how I could do my job better. Yup, after one morning she became the expert!

I played ok in my golf tournament. I missed a hole in one by about 2 inches. Bobby Jones has a famous quote that says "There is golf and there is Tournament golf, and the two have nothing in common". I am starting to realize that I really enjoy golf, and am good at golf...I am not quite as good at Tournament golf.

See you tomorrow.