Saturday, March 08, 2008

Value Village, musical kids, new carpet, Golf stuff-Grandpa Slane's birthdy.

Good morning, it is Saturday.

Yesterday morning Hansen went to his friend Nicholas's house to play for a few hours. While he was there I took Preston and Lillie to Value Village to look for treasures. Preston found the perfect shoes and sun glasses for his Soul Man (Blues Brothers) skit for the school Talent Show tryouts. We also found him some slacks and a jacket for the show, but I am not sure we wont find better in the days ahead. Lillie found a little car seat/baby carrier for her bitty baby. It is pink with princess on it. There was no price so I asked the cashier lady how much, she said it was supposed to have a doll with it and it was $4.99. Well there was no doll and I did not think that it was worth nearly that much in Thrift Store value. She asked someone else and they said $4.99 without the doll. I told Lillie that it was a little off price and maybe we would not get it. Lillie then told us (me, Preston and the cashier) that she was pregnant, her baby was at home, and she really needed this car seat!?! Oh my! Well, the cashier deiced she would sell the car seat to us for $1.99, which was acceptable, and now everyone is happy. I guess that is what happens when a 5 year old has three aunties (Amber, Melanie, and Amy) all pregnant and having babies at about the same time. I also found a golf rain shirt like I have been wanting for myself, it is like a pull over rain shirt with t-shirt sleeves, and a couple of pairs of jeans for the boys.

Yesterday I called back the lady from the Home Depot who I talked to the other day about carpet. She had the bid all ready and just needed our color choice. We chose a darkish brown called Earth Dance. After I gave her the color, she told me the price and said there was really no reason for me to come back to the Home Depot, and what is my credit card #. Since the bid was within $50.00 of what I had guessed it would be, I just gave her the # and off we went. We will finally get new carpet, we have been wanting to do that for years. It will probably be a few weeks, just enough time for the kids to destroy the new paint on the walls.

Last night at 6:45 pm Preston's friend Connor came over to see if he could spend the night. Hansen was right there and started dealing for Kole to spend the night at our house if Preston is gone. I said OK to Preston and Hansen both, if they could invite Kole over at 7:30 pm (the same time Preston was to go to Connor's house) and then spend the next half an hour power cleaning their rooms. It worked just fine, I have never seen Hansen do anything as fast as he started to clean his room, and Preston worked right along with him. Of course a half an hour at super speeds can only do so much to a room that really needs a tractor and a dumpster, but they did a good job. Preston was gone at 7:30 and our replacement kid was here just a minute earlier.

During the power cleaning, I called my dad to wish him a happy birthday. Lillie talked to him for a minute, bragged about her birthday. Hansen was very brief, he had cleaning on his mind and is not much of a phone talker, but Preston had an actual conservation talking about his new golf clubs. My dad asked my dad how he liked his new clubs, Preston said "like all great golfers, I hate all my clubs!" I did help him a little with that answer, but it was perfect for him, earlier in the day I took Preston and Hansen to the driving range and Preston hits very good shots about 1/3 rd of the time. The rest of the time he hits violent hooks or huge pushes. I try to tell Preston that his swing is very good, and the two shots are very related. He just needs to learn how to control the club head. Usually I show him one or two little things (not really swing related, just about where the club should aim, and how it should hit the ball) and let him go. He usually finishes his balls faster than me, is frustrated, then sits and watches me hit. Then after watching me for a few shots, he will take a few of my remaining balls, and go work on his swing. He may become very good with this approach. Hansen is still a little young for much help. Hansen will ask me to watch him hit a shot, then ask what I think...I usually say something like "That was a good shot Hansen, can I show you how to fix your stance so you don't fall down after hitting the ball?" He usually says "No, I don't have to hit the ball your way!" Hans usually finishes his balls before both Preston and I, then sits and watches us...then steals a few balls and hits them harder. His swing is coming around, and he too may be a very good golfer one of these days...Hansen does have a very good feel for putting.

Well, that was quite a ramble, we did say Happy Birthday to my Dad, then the kids went to their respective homes for and overnight. Hansen and Kole watched Karate Kid and played Nintendo way into the night. I doubt Preston went right to sleep over at Connors either.

See you tomorrow.

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Amber said...

Lillie is now my favorite person ever. Her reply to the price of the car seat thing made me laugh harder than anything you've ever blogged. Ever.