Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Talent show, getting even with Dad.

Good Morning, it is Wednesday.

Yesterday was the tryouts for the Grass Lake Talent Show. Since Preston and his friend had not really practiced, and never with the karaoke version of their song, we had them both ride the bus to our house to get in 20 minutes of real practice before tryouts. They figured out when to start the singing and the dancing and it was time to go. I did bring the video camera (wish I could upload the video to my blog...I may try to learn so you can see this) and told the panel of judges (who were teachers) that I needed to video the tryouts because I was not sure this performance would ever be seen in qualify for the actual talent show, which should require actual talent. Well, after seeing a couple of other tryouts, I started to think the boys may actually have something worthy. When it was their turn, the Blues Brothers music started blaring, and they started their Soul Man dancing, then singing (dressed in blue suits)...and even though they were totally nervous and missed a couple of spots, they did a very good job and at this point, I will be surprised if they don't make the talent show. Most likely they will be rock stars once again come the day of the Talent Show.

Hansen and Preston have got a new way to get even with me when they are not happy with my parenting. The rule of no video games after dinner (on school nights) is not to their liking these days and they are constantly asking to play the Nintendo. I really don't mind saying "No!" to them every 3 minutes, in fact at some point it becomes comical. The argue that since they can go outside and play, they should be able to play the Nintendo...I just say "Nope, but you can ask again in a few minutes if you want...Nope again." Last night they were even more frustrated with me because I turned off Naruto so Maren and I could watch American Idol on the good TV. Yes, as parents, we don't have to watch our shows on the little TV in the kitchen. They could go watch kid shows in the kitchen if they wanted, but the only way to push bedtime back was for them to join us for American Idol...and be good. We did not have to push bedtime back as they ended up playing some game in their bedroom which resulted in Lillie and Hansen getting hurt just in time to brush teeth, read a story and go to bed. After the kids are in bed, I usually come back down stairs, set up the coffee maker and watch the golf channel for a few minutes. OK, Back to how the kids get even with me. When I start up to bed, I find toy snakes in strategic place on the stairs. And if that is not enough, they have started hiding toy snakes under my pillow! How rude is that. The first time I moved my pillow and was startled by a snake, Maren started to laugh(yes, she seems to be in on it...maybe innocent, I am not sure), so when the boys hear Maren laugh, they figure they have won. I will soon not be startled by toy snakes...I hope... Maren can still get me to jump whenever she wants by saying "Boo" when I open the door to come in the house.

Today Nana and Grandpa are going to come hang with Lillie and i will go golfing. It is supposed to be dry least the sky half of the world, the ground is still quite saturated.

See you tomorrow.

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