Saturday, March 22, 2008

Talent show, Taekwondo tournament.

Good morning, it is Saturday.

Lillie and I woke up at 8:30, the rest of the gang came down around 9:30. It is nice to get to sleep in.

Yesterday was busy and fun. Preston had his talent show. He did a great job. He and his friend were the only singers to not just sing over the lyrics of the singer. There CD was a karaoke version so they actually had to sing good. And they did! A brave couple of kid to go on stage in front of nearly 500 people and sing and dance Soul Man. Nice job Preston and Josiah. I did video tape the performance. Just another thing I need to get on my blog.

After the talent show John, Carol, Stef and Corey came over to check out the new carpet and Stef had a birthday gift for Lillie. Then it was off to school for Lillie and then over to pick up Hansen and Preston after early release. Hansen got to hang out with his friend Annissa after school for an hour while Preston had Track practice. Then it was drop off a couple of Preston's friends after track practice, then pick up Lillie from school. We stopped by the Covington Library (which I still think is very cool) and ran into the Rudolphs. Lillie got to play with Lily. That was fun.

In the evening Hansen had his final Sparring Tournament (Sparring start again in a month, so no real break) and did a great job. There was sitting on the ground only room and the tournament went over two hours. Hansen won in his first round, got to compete in the winners round, then got steamrolled. He got 2nd in his division, which was great as he competes in a division that is two divisions up from his age group. If he was in his own age division, he would have just dominated. Hansen got a nice trophy. I video taped his performance as well, but i had to wrestle with Lillie a bit in the process. Maren ended up watching much of the performances from outside the building along with a few other parents who were doing other things (Maren went shopping at the local Safeway) and could not squeeze into the building.

Today I may brave Costco and buy wood flooring for the upstairs bed rooms.

See you tomorrow.

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