Thursday, March 13, 2008

Talent show news, golfed, showed off baby (doll)

Good Morning, it is Thursday.

Preston got the news at school yesterday that he and his buddy made it into the Talent show. The Talent show will be next Friday the 21st at 9:40am. Should be fun.

Yesterday the weather was very nice, maybe a little on the cold side, but good for golfing. I golfed well overall. Had a bunch of birdies and a bunch of not birdies. My dad gave me a putting lesson via e-mail. It must have helped, because I have not made so many good putts in a long time. I think Lillie had a good time with Nans and Gramps. They went to Burger King for lunch. I think Lillie put on singing and dancing shows for them.

Lillie had dance class in the evening. At first she did not want to go. As it turns out, she did not want to go while it was still light outside. Daylight savings time is messing with her. This is the first time we have gone to dance class for a long time in the daylight. Her show and tell was one of her baby dolls. At the dance studio there is a room where the kids get ready and put their shoes and stuff, then a room to wait in for the parents with couches and a fireplace. We were running just a couple of minutes behind (thanks to the daylight thing) so when I went in to sit with the moms, I was one of the last. I was carrying Lillie's baby doll and all the moms were like, "Oh, what a cute little baby you have!". I showed off the baby for a second before tossing her next to the couch. The baby doll was perfectly happy, crammed under a jacket on the floor for the next 45 minutes, until Lillie came out to get her for show and tell. These dolls can be so much more agreeable than the real thing.

Today we have Lillie's birthday pictures at Yuen Lui. She has a very cute light purple dress to wear. After pictures it is off to preschool for her. In the evening Hansen has Taekwondo. I think I will run to Costco and buy the flooring for the upstairs bedrooms while she is in school. 32 boxes of Pergo type flooring. I am thinking that if I take the third row of seats out of my van, it should fit.

See you tomorrow.

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