Thursday, March 27, 2008

Snow, School delay, going back to sleep.

Good Morning, it is Thursday.

Snow! Snow! Snow! What the heck is going on around here? It snowed very hard from 6:00pm through about 11:00pm. Last night there was probably 3 inches at our house. This morning there is still a couple inches on the grass. The kid's school is in a 2 hour delay. Hwy 18, not far from our house is closed due to ice and a fatal car accident. I think Jack Frost forgot that he was supposed to not mess with us in late March. It is spring time, it is after Easter, and it looks like mid January outside.

Preston was feeling sick after school yesterday so he did not go to soccer practice. I am sure the rest of the team got snowed on. Lillie's dance class was from 6:00-7:00. Dance Arts is probably at 700 ft. elevation where our house is about 500 ft. The snow started to fall right when we got to class. By the time class was over, there was already a couple of inches of snow over everything, including the roads. One little girl in Lillie's class hurt her toe. She was crying with her asst teacher. I gave the zip lock bag that I usually keep Lillie's dance shoes in to couple of other girls (probably 9 year olds who were waiting for their class) to go collect snow for the hurt toe. It took about 3 seconds for them to fill a sandwich bag with snow for a makeshift ice bag. After we got home from dance class, Lillie put on warm clothes and played in the snow for awhile.

I did go golfing yesterday. I played at 11:00 at Washington National. One of my favorite golf courses. It is the home of the UW Huskies and everything is Purple and Gold. It is a great golf course, unfortunately it gets very soggy in the wet weather and it was very soggy yesterday. The weather was fine for golfing, a little cold, but no rain or snow. I played just fine, shot a 76. John and Carol came out an hung with Lillie. They went to lunch, planted plants in the yard, and made us a nice dinner. How good is that. I wish every day was Wednesday.

Today I have teacher conference with Lillie's teachers. Lillie has preschool. Hansen would normally have Taekwondo but we are skipping it because his First Communion class is hosting a large Sader Dinner at the church tonight. Hansen actually has a small speaking role. He will have to stand up in front of a very large crowd and ask his question.

It is starting to snow again as I type. The schools are delayed. Maren went back to bed for a couple of hours as she will go to work late as well. I am going back to sleep for 21 minutes until Lillie wakes up and has to go play in the snow.

See you tomorrow.


Emily said...

While I'd usually say that going back to sleep when it is snowing outside is among life's better pleasures, it doesn't hold quite the same joy in late March--we've been getting quite a bit of snow in Boston still and the winter-wonderland-blanket-and hot chocolate-thrill is starting to wear thin:)

Julian's Blog said...

Lillie actually stayed sleeping for a while, it was the doorbell ringing to see if the kids could play that woke me up 20 minutes later. My kids did not even want to play in the snow, they are ready for the sun...maybe if there was enough for sledding it would have been different.