Saturday, March 29, 2008

Shopping, working on Lillie's room.

Good Morning, it is Saturday.

Yesterday was the first Friday with no after school activities. So what do we do? Go Shopping! We were totally out of milk, and the kids each had $10.00 burning holes in their pockets. First stop, GameStop. Preston's PS2 had been acting strange for the last month, so we decided to bring it in. He had bought it new/refurbished back around his birthday. Luckily we had purchased a 1 year warranty and saved all the paperwork. They gave him a new refurbished system and now he is back in business. We have Mario Cart for the Wii on reserve, it will be out at the end of April. From there it was off to Walmart. Hansen found a very cool Nerf gun target system on clearance, we bought a second one for Preston's friend David who has his birthday party tonight. And Lillie found a cute Princess Bratz doll...forever diamonds! I bought oil and oil filters for both Mine and Maren's car as the oil needs to be changed in a couple of weeks. Maren found treasures in the half price Easter stuff. From there it was off to Fred Meyers for Milk. Me and the littles waited in the car, Maren and Preston picked up the milk and checked out the Easter stuff.

Last night I officially started on the new floors. During the day I cleaned out Lillie's room except for the bed and the dresser. Last night I took out half the carpet. Sounds easier than it really is, there is the pad, staples and all the tack boards that hold the carpet in place. Not to mention the dirt and dust. Lillie slept in her bed no problem, half the room looks fine, the other half with no flooring. Today I will put the new floor up to where the carpet it, then move the bed and dresser over to the new flooring, then rip out all the rest of the carpet and stuff and with any luck, I may be able to finish Lillie's room today.

Today Hansen has a Taekwondo class at noon, Preston has David's birthday party this evening, and Lillie has no responsibilities. Maren is off work and I will just work on the room around the boy's schedules.

I may stop in at a Chiropractor office near Hansen's Taekwondo class because my neck has been bothering me. I got a kink in it about 2 weeks ago that just will not go away, and I can hear some crackling when moving my neck around. I am iffy about going to the chiropractor because my back is feeling perfect. I went to a Chiropractor about 8 years ago and he would fix my neck perfectly, but he kept wanting to adjust my back and that would just mess it up for a few days. We will see if I have the guts to go into the office or not. My neck has kind of bothered me on and off ever since I got rear ended in a car crash ten years ago.

See you tomorrow.

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