Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Rain, scratching pad.

Good Morning, it is Wednesday.

Yesterday during Hansen's Taekwondo class I decided to walk over to Fred Meyer to buy some Milk, Bananas, Sandwich bags (Maren just now pointed out that I bought snack bags that don't quite hold a sandwich...nice!) and a cardboard scratching pad for the cats. The walk is only about 500 yards or so from the door of the Taekwondo class to the door of Fred Meyer, so I usually walk over there. Half the walk is along store fronts, the other half is through the parking lot. The weather was fine so I walked on over. Found all my groceries, then went to walk back...well, in that 15 minutes I was in the store the sky opened up and it was flat pouring rain, you could see the parking lot totally covered in water and the waves of the sheets of rain were visible. I went back into the store, got a super big bag for the fancy Cat scratching wedge thing and got totally soaked as I ran back to the covered store fronts across the Fred Meyer Parking Lot.

As far as the scratching pad wedge thing goes. Spif did not leave that thing for like 3 hours. I think maybe we put too much cat nip on it or something because Spif is an addict. The other cats would just watch from across the room and wonder about that old goat. When Spif finally did leave the scratching pad, the other cats checked it out, and were not nearly as impressed. Go figure.

Today is a cold rainy day. The temp should not rise above 45 degrees. The rain should come down all day, probably in the form of Hail at times, and there are supposed to be rouge thunder showers. A great golf day! Preston will have soccer practice tonight. This will be his second soccer practice, and the second time he will have miserable weather for practice. His team holds practice on Mondays as well, but for the next 5 weeks Preston has track meets on Mondays so he is missing soccer. The weather last Monday was great and next Monday should be nice as well. The kid is going to learn to not like soccer just because of the weather...oh, probably not, or else I would not like golf anymore either.

See you tomorrow.


Shannon said...

Was Spiffy the one who was loving the carpet a little too much? Do you think the cat scratching wedge thing will fix the problem?

Amber said...

awww, spiff. i like that he's still hanging in there and enjoying the small pleasures in life.

I got a box of those ziploc snack bags on accident too, and it drives me crazy everytime I go to grab a sandwich bag and grab one of those on accident.

Julian's Blog said...

No, it was not spiff who I suspected. I have been watching Ranger as the carpet destroyer. Spiff is almost embarrassing with the scratching wedge.