Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Preston Track, Lillie's play date.

Good Morning, it is Tuesday.

Yesterday ended up being a nice day. The weather was nice for nearly the entire day. Preston's track meet was not rained on a bit. There were probably 600 kids at the track meet. Grades 4-6, girls and boys. Preston got 2nd place in the long jump for 5th grade boys! His name was announced over the loud speaker and everything. His jump length was 12 feet 5 inches. Way to go Preston!

The Lillian's had a great time on their play date. It is obvious that they are getting older, a year ago they could play for about an hour, then they would have to split for awhile, yesterday they made it a whole two hours and did not want to part when it was time to go. Lily is about 6 months older than our Lillie, they are exactly the same size. It is also clear that both Lillian's have two older brothers. The first game they played together was one would jump off the couch while the other would whack the other with a towel in mid flight. Do you think two 5 year old girls without older brothers would think that was the funniest game on the planet? No. They did end up playing Polly Pockets and feeding the horses under the fence and stuff, but whacking each other mid flight and thinking it is funny, is something you can only learn from big brothers.

Yesterday was Lillie's friend Allison's 5th birthday. Allison is like 10 inches shorter than Lillie and at least 15 lbs lighter. These two kids who are only 3 weeks apart in age look like they are two years apart. It is amazing how fast Lillie is growing. I almost want her to skip Kindergarten just so she can be with kids her own size.

Today Preston has Math Club, Hansen has Taekwondo, Lillie has preschool, and I am teaching a lesson while Lillie is at school. Maren is just working as usual.

See you Tomorrow.

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