Monday, March 17, 2008

Palm Parade, First Communion class, egg hunt.

Good Morning, it is Monday.

Yesterday was Palm Sunday. Hansen and Lillie decided to be in the Palm Parade at Church. There were probably 20 kids in the parade that went up and down and around the church while waving Palm branches. Looked very fun. Towards the end of the kid parade, Hansen was going to just duck into our seats and call it good, but all the other kids tried to follow him, so he had to finish the isle he was on just so the rest of the kids would finish the parade as well.

In Hansen's First Communion class (there were three special classes, with First Communion in two weeks) the kids had to draw pictures of what they are thankful for. Hansen drew Legos, his family, and the world. The kids have to stand in front of the class (about 30 people) and tell of their homework. When he was showing the class his picture of his family, his teacher said "Oh, I like how you made your dad with no hair...well, maybe you could put some on the sides." Earlier Hansen was telling me how he had goofed up and made me too skinny in his picture, I was half expecting Hansen to tell the class that I was also fatter than in the picture. What gives! Besides the showing of the pictures, the class made loafs of bread to use for their first Communion. That was something, little tables with like 5 kids per table trying to measure and stir and knead, and making the biggest messes. Glad that bread will be used for the kids. Hansen really hopes that the grape juice will be gone so he can have real wine.

After church was the Easter Egg Hunt. There was a lunch following church and then the egg hunt. There were so many kids, amazing. The preschool - 1st grade went just right, Lillie got a bunch of eggs along with the other kids. The older classes had a little less control and a few kids got out early and got all the eggs, the rest of the kids were lucky to just get a couple of eggs. The one egg with a prize in it that Hansen got was because Maren showed it to him. The rest of the morning he was saying how he could not believe that his one good egg was pointed out to him by his MOM! As if she should not be able to find an Easter egg. Preston did not get very many either, but we did have some good consolation prizes for the kids at home.

The kids played darts for quite a while yesterday. The wall really tells the whole story on how good the kids are at darts (or how much they goof off with darts). Hansen actually lost a dart in the garage. Now I can totally understand loosing ping pong balls, but loosing a dart?!? The story is that it was thrown at the dart board, hit the edge, and ricochet into the stock pile of food...and is now just gone. Hmm.

For you golf fans, How amazing is Tiger Woods? The way he made that last putt to win at Bay Hill yesterday was totally amazing. I was reading an article about athletes and endorsements. Tiger Woods makes twice as much in endorsements that any other athlete in the world. That is 50 million dollars more than any other athlete in endorsements alone per year. Amazing.

This week the kids are out of school early for parent teacher conferences. We will have a very busy week.

See you tomorrow.

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