Saturday, March 01, 2008

Or is it?

Good Morning, it is Saturday. Or is it?

I threw on the "or is it?" because that seems to be the phrase of the day around here. Preston started it, Hansen caught on, now Lillie has taken over. I is not just "or is it?", but "or do I?", "or do you?", and "or does he/she?" Preston started using the phrase at witty times, now Lillie and Hansen just use it all the time. Here is an example of the way Lillie uses the phrase:

J: "Hey Lillie, would you like a lolly pop?"

L: "Or would I?"

J:"I don't know, you big dork, would you?"

L:"Or am I?"

J:"If I had any hair, I would pull it out!"

L: "Or would you?"

J: "If I had any Hair, yes I would, but I don't."

L: "Or do you?"

I need a new job! Or do I?

Anyhow, off to decorate for the Princess bash.

See you tomorrow.

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Amber said...

Or will you?