Friday, March 28, 2008

No Snow, Lillie gets comb stuck in her hair, good confrence.

Good Morning, it is Friday.

No Snow! In contrast to yesterday where I was surprised by the snow, now I am surprised that there is no snow! The weather folk sure missed the ball yesterday. I even let the kids stay up late last night because I thought there would be snow. The forecasters said like 3-7 inches. This morning there is none, and the forecasters have moved the snow area to Hood Canal.

Yesterday after Lillie's bath, she decided she did not want any help with brushing her hair. This is not really any surprise that Lillie would not want any help, but who knew she would forgo her usual pink brush and try to comb her hair with a comb. Her hair is far too curly and thick for a comb. Well, when it [comb] got stuck in her hair, she decided to roll it up and twist is all around. She must have gotten a little nervous about the comb stuck forever because she then sneaked over to the art supply table, got out her scissors, and tried to cut her hair so the brush would come out. When that did not work (other than a few curls), she finally asked for help. I ended up getting a pair of pliers and breaking the comb into 10 or 15 pieces so we could get it out of her hair. She had pulled and twisted the comb so much that she still lost a hand full of her hair. The amazing thing is that she has such thick and curly hair that you really can't even tell that it is not perfectly normal. I don't think she will make that mistake again, she was a little freaked out by the whole breaking the comb out of her hair.

Lillie's parent teacher conference went just fine. It is fun to see the same comments come around for Lillie as we have always had for Preston and Hansen. She does her work very well, but sometimes too fast. She loves to play with others, but enjoys playing by herself as well. She is doing very well.

Time to get the kids ready for school, see you tomorrow.

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