Monday, March 24, 2008

Nice Easter, busy day.

Good Morning, it is Monday.

We had a very nice Easter, hope you did as well.

John, Carol and Stef joined us for Church. It was very crowded, but our church handles it well. It was a very nice service. Stef was lucky enough to have Hansen and Lillie glued to her sides for much of the service. From there it was off to Craig and Anne's house for a fun time. There were 10 kids having a fun time. We had Ham, meat balls, chips, everything. We flipped between golf and basketball. The kids got to do a quick egg hunt before it was time to leave around 5:00pm. Then it was home to hang out and get ready for today.

Today is a busy day. Lillie has gymnastics, then a play date with Lily, the Lillians have not been together for awhile, and I think they are both looking forward to fun. Preston has a track meet after school. Hansen has a piano lesson. Today I will register Lillie for kindergarten at the local school, then go to the main offices to fill out a parent request transfer so Lillie can go to the same school as her brothers. Hmm, that did not seem so busy to write it down, but trust me, with the carpooling to get Preston to Track, along with picking up Hansen and getting him to piano, and who knows what hoops with Lillie's paper work. Oh, and today is class picture day for the boys at school.

See you tomorrow.

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