Friday, March 21, 2008

New Carpet, good conferences, H's wrist.

Good Morning, it is Friday.

We have new Carpet in the house!!! Looks very good. Actually, the furniture is the same, the house is the same, but the floor is very different. Hansen and Lillie really enjoyed having the furniture a mess, the couches were next to each other and there was lots of flying/rolling little kids. The upstairs is still a bit of a mess, but there is no huge hurry there. I will be doing Pergo style floors in the bedroom over the next month. Cierra came over this morning (her and her sister come over 3 times per week before school for an hour) and was just amazed that we could have the exact same stuff on the coffee table and if the whole place should look different with new carpet. I told her that we just picked up the coffee table and moved it, stuff and all! Wow.

I had good conferences with the boy's teachers. They are both doing so well in school, I am always amazed. Good for you Preston and Hansen.

Last night Hansen came down at bed time to tell us that his wrist was feeling sprained. He had not been golfing, or sparring or anything so he could not figure why it may be sprained. Maren asked if it was from punching his sister (which he had gotten in trouble for). Hansen said in all sincerity, "No, I use my good hand to punch her!" Good answer Hansen.

Today is Grass Lake's Talent show. Preston will have a good cheering section.

See you tomorrow.


Amber said...

This could be why Hanson's wrist hurts:

Just kidding.

Julian's Blog said...

could not get the link to work, but we have seen some sites with hurt wii wrists. For some reason the boys like to use the classic controllers (game cube controllers)for the wii more than the wii remotes for all Mario type games and such.