Friday, March 07, 2008

Maren's lunch, Hansen's special day

Good Morning, it is Friday.

Maren is better than yesterday, not 100%, but already gone to work. Since the boys don't have school today, I could be going back to sleep, but I am already up. Today is Maren's last day of no boss...Party time! Her old boss's last day was last Friday, her new boss starts Monday. Today Maren is scheduled to have lunch with a co-worker friend from France, and her parents, who are going on a trip to France at the end of the year. While the lunch will be about the best ways to travel in France, I am sure Maren will get the latest on the twins...we have not seen them since Sunday, but Carol has been over there [at Mel and Court's house] helping a lot.

Yesterday I helped in Hansen's class for about an hour and a half. I read with a struggling reader and did math with a struggling mathematician. This is the way I like to help in the classroom. I have been going back and forth lately in my mind on whether I will just teach more golf lessons and help in the pro-shop a little when Lillie is in Kindergarten next year, or if I will try to work for the school district as a para-educator helping the kids who are struggling. At this moment I am leaning towards the later. I think I will have Lillie just go to Kindergarten at Grass Lake with the boys. They only offer a half day Kindergarten program, which does limit my working time, so we shall see. The other fun thing in Hansen's class yesterday was that Hansen was the special kid last week and yesterday while I was there he got to read and show his poster about himself to the class. After they go over the poster, they then ask questions like "what is your favorite color?"-yellow, "what is your favorite food?"-candy, "what is your favorite TV show?"-Naruto, "what is your favorite class?"-PE and music, and "who is your favorite friend?"-Anessa. After all the questions, all the kids in the class will write a letter to Hansen and Mrs. Behrens makes a book out of the letters for the special kid to keep. It will be fun to read the letters when we get the book.

Today Lillie has preschool, and Hansen has Taekwondo Sparring. Hansen also has a play date with a friend this morning. While Hansen is at his friends house, the rest of us will will probably go to Value Village to look for a coat for Preston's talent show try-outs. He and a friend are singing Soul Man by the Blues Brothers, dance and all. Then when Lillie is at school, the rest of us will probably go to the golf course and hit some range balls.

Yesterday I received a letter about signing up with reunion site as my 20th high school class reunion is this year.

See you tomorrow.

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